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Bitcoin as foundation

Creating bases for a new civilization

How do we get out of this quagmire?

As said at the beginning of this article, the essential point is to create a solid foundation to be able to build on top of it firmly and safely, and with the sure knowledge that these bases are prepared to withstand the due load and, above all, resist the passage of time.

We need a stable and durable monetary measurement system

The fiat monetary system that dominates today does not offer us this. Nowadays, practically all world trade is carried out using a currency issued and controlled by a single group of power as an exchange resource (measurement standard), which they do not stop expanding and contracting at its discretion and need, causing an enormous distortion in all operations and all markets. The losses caused in the value and supply chains are so significant that they cannot even be roughly measured. Still, those losses are not publicly disclosed, not to expose the terrible deficiencies of the current system.

Bitcoin offers those fundamentals

Given the purely digital nature of Bitcoin monetary units, these can be channeled via the Internet to any corner of the planet, they can also be sent through other electronic means of communication, such as radio waves; or physically by printing certain keys on a durable material; and even orally, dictating 12 or 24 words to the receiver! This characteristic gives Bitcoin the ability to be received in practically any corner of the planet at any time, giving it the property of monetary homogeneity throughout borders required to facilitate remote exchanges between different geographically dispersed economic actors, practically erasing the political frontiers, avoiding the enormous friction caused by the international currency exchange system of today.



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