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Hodl news weekly recap — 28 Jan 2022

New US bill would let Treasury ban Bitcoin at exchanges

The new US bill would hand Treasury blank check to ban all crypto at exchanges. And not just crypto. Provision in the America COMPETES Act would allow Treasury to secretly prohibit any kind of transaction it deems a “concern” without any public notice or input.

Russian finance ministry calls for Bitcoin regulation, not restriction

The Russian Finance Ministry said on Tuesday that cryptocurrencies need to be regulated but they should not be entirely banned. The ministry’s Department of Financial Policy Director Ivan Chebeskov noted the ministry has prepared a concept for the regulation of digital assets and is waiting to hear the government’s position on the matter.

All possible FED policy tracks still lead to Bitcoin

“While we’re in another crypto correction, remember to zoom out and keep the big picture in mind. We aren’t dealing with a bubble in Bitcoin, we’re dealing in a collapse of the global monetary regime, the decentralized revolution and the obsolescence of the nation state.”

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