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Lend at Hodl Hodl new features

Today we are introducing some new features on Lend at Hodl Hodl.

Sorting the offer list

Users can now sort offers according to their preferences. It is now even easier to find the best Lend & Borrow deals. Go to the offer list and sort by: Amount, LTV ratio or Interest rate.

Reporting other users

We want to make your user experience as pleasant as possible, and that is why we constantly moderate our platform. And in order to make your experience the best possible, we encourage you to report any unpleasant experience.

In case your counterparty is breaking any of our policies or harming you in any way, you are now able to report the user. Use the “REPORT” button on the user’s profile page to submit a report to the platform’s administration. Once the report has been submitted the administrator will intervene.

Completed contract stats

The user’s profile page now has a new variable — completed contracts number. You are now able to see how many contracts a user has completed. Remember, that you can also check user’s ratings, which suggest how many users have recommended or not recommended a particular user.

In the near future, the profile page will be extended with more useful stats and information.

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