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Lend at Hodl Hodl: True P2P Bitcoin lending is here

  1. Everyone can become a lender and/or borrower. It works just like a regular P2P platform, but instead of buying/selling you will be lending/borrowing.
  2. You set your own terms. If you don’t like the existing offers, create your own offers with the terms that you want.
  3. Truly P2P. Only P2P collateral and payments. Your collateral will be Bitcoin, and all payments will be made with stablecoins.
  4. No borders. By removing fiat we also remove borders. Now everyone can lend money to everyone, and everyone can borrow from everyone.
  5. Keep hodling. We believe that Lend at Hodl Hodl will support hodlers, by giving them the option to not sell their bitcoins, even if they need some liquidity. This is a perfect tool for the BULL MARKET.
  6. Zero-KYC. You only share your crypto addresses with your counterparty. No banking details, no locations, nothing.
  7. Simple Bitcoin DeFi. Our lending platform is way more simple than existing Bitcoin lending products. Combining our experience in building non-custodial tech, feedback and market research, we’ve developed a simple Bitcoin DeFi solution. You will need less than 1 minute to sign up, and less than 2 minutes to place your offer or accept an existing one.
  • Existing investors — WhalePanda, Ambroid, and others.
  • Our new investors that joined us during our recent Series A round — Lemniscap and Fulgur Ventures.
  • Tuur Demeester for The Bitcoin Reformation that served as an inspiration.
  • Matt Odell for your Tweet that served as a call to action.
  • DeFi developers from the whole crypto ecosystem for both the good and bad practices.
  • The amazing Bitcoin community for your trust, faith and ongoing support!



Global P2P Bitcoin trading platform that doesn’t hold funds

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Hodl Hodl

P2P Bitcoin trading & lending platform that doesn’t hold user funds