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We are extremely concerned about your seсurity and safety while using our platform. Here we have gathered several security related points that every user should be aware of. Before engaging in any contract on the Hodl Hodl trading platform, please familiarize yourself with this guide.

If you are looking to sell BTC

Send BTC only through escrow

You should never send BTC to anywhere other than the escrow address generated by Hodl Hodl. The details of the escrow address are only shown after both parties have confirmed their payment passwords and the contract status has changed to “Depositing”.

Never release bitcoins from escrow until the payment was received

You should release bitcoins ONLY AFTER you have double checked that the payment has been received and its amount reflects the amount of the deal.

Remember: The payment part of the contract happens without Hodl Hodl’s involvement. Fiat payment is transferred directly from the buyer to the seller.

NOTE: A payment receipt provided by your counterparty is not a 100% guarantee, you are not safe to continue unless you see the balance of your fiat account reflect the amount of the payment.

Be aware of reversible payment methods

Be aware of any risks associated with the payment method you aim to use. Note that some payment methods are riskier than others. For payment methods like “PayPal” be aware of the risk of the payment being reversed.

If you are looking to buy BTC

Do not send the payment until the bitcoins are locked in escrow

Sending money any earlier is highly insecure. Only after the contract status has changed to “In progress”, are the bitcoins safely locked in escrow, and only then, you are welcome to proceed with the payment.

Note: You are expected to make the payment within the payment window, otherwise, your counterparty will be able to cancel the contract.

Do not forget to press the “I’ve sent the payment” button after the payment has been made

You should press the button right after you’ve made the payment. Otherwise, after the payment window runs out, your counterparty will be able to cancel the contract and refund the bitcoins back to himself.

Note: When the button is pressed and the status of the contract has changed to “Paid”, the contract cannot be cancelled.


Do not open a suspicious link in the contract’s chat

Hodl Hodl does not generate nor share any links in the contract’s chat. Only open links you are familiar with.

If it seems like the administrator has shared a link, please note that messages from Hodl Hodl’s administrators are highlighted in yellow.

Do not enter your account data on any other website

We would never request your account details anywhere other than on our websites, that is those with the hodlhodl domain name.

Never reveal your payment password

Your payment password is your key to accessing the escrow. You are the sole owner of that key, and no one else, including Hodl Hodl, should know it.

Communicate only in the contract’s chat

Avoid texting in Telegram, Whatsapp, etc. In case you require assistance from our side, we would only be able to assess the information in the contract’s chat.

Pay attention to users reputation

To better protect yourself, always pay attention to the user’s reputation and ratings — they reflect the experience other users have had dealing with this trader in the past.

Please report any inappropriate behavior that contradicts any of these rules to

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