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Why Bitcoin-only?

A matter of not-trusting

“Bitcoin is the real digital money revolution”

This impressive technological development also implies an incredible change in the way money is introduced into society. We no longer have a central institution governed by a few individuals deciding how, when and how much money to be issued. Now, with Bitcoin, that work is fully automated and controlled by an incorruptible and unalterable computer protocol, with well-defined guidelines, agreed upon by hundreds of thousands of users and known by all the participants, who in turn have the power to enforce them.

“Bitcoin puts the power in the hands of its users”

Thus, anyone who decides to run Bitcoin software will be enforcing the rules agreed by everyone and written on stone in that same computer program interconnected with all the others (Bitcoin full nodes). Adding to its hashing power (mining), all of this makes Bitcoin the safest and most powerful monetary tool known to humankind.

“Have you examined what the code of these supposedly decentralized applications does? No? These things have more bugs in them than the set of “Indiana Jones.”

Implying that the code of these altcoins and tokens is full of errors due to the lack of rigor of their programmers and a very low level of peer review.



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