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Rebranding: Reconstructing HODO’s Brand Identity


This is our first big, formal, public, announcement so naturally, we are giddy with excitement. (Totally not anxious about the internet being weirdly unforgiving about logo changes, cc: Slack, Facebook, DropBox, Instagram)

Today, we launch our new brand identity system. This is also the beginning of a general facelift of HODO’s brand as a whole.

Unveiling Our New Logo

Say hello to HODO’s new logo!

The HODO Pinwheel

How Did We Change?

Our first logo was created before our company legally existed, when our founder, Dr Shabeer Ali, scribbled it on a tissue paper (yes, in true, stereotypical Silicon Valley fashion).

In 2016, with our limited resources, we went through a minor rebranding process to refresh our look.

It looked great! We loved our new logo, and so did our clients. It was distinctive, memorable, and relevant to our business.

The flip side: it was also quite a complex logo, which made it difficult for us to scale it down effectively. The result? The logo never appeared properly in small favicons and co-branded merchandise.

We needed something that was not just distinctive, but also simple and scalable. And that is why we needed a new logo.

Oh, and also because, very rarely, some people read our logo as “HOOD” :)

An Empathetic Identity System

Although we have a fixed set of colours in our colour palette, HODO has always followed an empathetic identity system

Our Old Logo

An empathetic system means that our logo’s colours change with its context and environment.

This is especially useful during collaborative and co-branding scenarios

Our New Logo

In our new logo, too, our pink leaf changes colour, depending on its environment.

(By the way, that is why we’ve named the colour ‘Partner Pink’)

HODO’s Brand Illustration System

Our Brand Illustration System

As a B2B technology company, it is often really challenging to convey our ideas through photographs — even if we ditch the stock photos and go for custom photography. To solve this problem, we chose the route of a brand illustration system.

Illustrations gave us a strong visual language to communicate with our clients, without compromising on simplicity or empathy.

As an immediate goal, we are also working on making our visual language as diverse and inclusive as possible. For this, we took some notes from the Facebook Design Team. We are really excited to roll them out.

Re-structuring Our Verticals

This year, we restructured our B2B offerings — HODO now has three verticals. We have a strong product backed up with an efficient custom development team and an extraordinarily talented marketing team.

HODO Product Line

Our Electronic Health Record (EHR) system remains at the core of HODO. Upon this core, we have built a strong line of products that helps our clients manage their clinics, hospitals and diagnostic labs over multiple locations. Our product line of LIMS, CMS and HIMS are complete with multiple modules, including but not limited to appointment booking, patient management, lab management, pharmacy management, accounting and of course, analytics.

HODO Custom Development

For healthcare businesses who have big ideas for software products, and who are looking for a professional team to help them execute their ideas, HODO provides custom software development services.

Our highly-skilled, in-house team of innovative coders and UX designers will help you establish a software product development process, adjust your development for better outcomes, and enhance your healthcare business with innovative technology.

HODO Digital Marketing

Any business that runs today, big or small, needs a digital marketing strategy. The healthcare industry is no different. Our diverse team has a set of professional designers and incredible digital marketers, who can help in marketing your healthcare business to your target audience. Our marketing team will help you devise and execute strategies for your branding, content, social media, website, or product design.

Looking Towards The Future

This rebranding is also a milestone to remind ourselves about how far HODO has come from being a 2-person team working out of a 1 bedroom apartment.

Our diverse team of coders, business developers, marketers and designers have worked hard and led us to this point.

We’d also like to take this opportunity to thank our loyal clients and business partners for their trust and friendship.

Your brand is not what you say it is. It is what they say it is — Marty Neumeier

We promise to commit to our clients and provide the same, or better levels of service than they have experienced.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see all the other visuals aligning around this new direction: on the website, in advertising, and in some places in the product (though not in a way that will bring disarray to your daily activities, of course).

Again, thank you :)



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Farhana A. Khader


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