Think You Have What It Takes to Be Special?

How to Go From Hobbyist to Pro

This is the final entry of phase 1, the Foundation. Good habits were built. Promises were kept. Momentum is under us.

The importance of discipline came up in several articles already. A system is now in place and with it, a sense of duty. We can build on that. Unspectacular habits lay the groundwork for bigger things, but on their own, they can only carry you to unspectacular places.

The destination of this project is unknown. We’re prioritizing process over results. Any clown can have a random article go semi-viral now and again. I should know, the 5th article I wrote on Medium got picked up by the homepage and accounts for more than 90% of our total traffic. The pro understands why he was successful and works to make his process for achieving success repeatable and capable of reaching higher heights.

In phase 2, we hone the craft. We work the system. We get smarter and more strategic. Were going to build a community. If you’re reading this and you’ve been following HofTalk this past month, strap in. We’re igniting the stage 2 rockets.