We are No Longer Seekers, We are Filterers

Credit: Simon Williams

In the Age of Digital Influx, we must create systems for filtering through noise. We don’t have time for content that lacks value to us (even if that value is only cheap entertainment). We don’t have time for content that loses our attention. We don’t have time for the content that isn’t helping us get where we’re going.

There’s a whole other discussion about whether or not any of the thoughts in our head are even our own anymore or just an amalgamation of all the content we’re taking in. We may very well be outsourcing our critical thinking to the lowest bidders (looking at you, moron Facebook commenters). Either way, we can agree that the content we spend time reading has a cumulative and profound effect on our thought patterns. Protect what makes it into that data stream like your life depends on it. Take a step back and ask yourself if the author’s values are ones that mesh with your own. If what you’re reading is the way you want to think and the way you want to be.

Everything we absorb is another stick dragged across the sands of our mind. The more sticks you drag down the same line, the deeper the groove that forms and the easier it is for the nascent, liquid thoughts floating around our brain to run down those grooves and pool in the same places. You can use this knowledge to your benefit or detriment.

Think about what you think about. Little by little, you’re cutting the path to your Destiny.