¡Hola, Herbs!
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¡Hola, Herbs!

Are Herbal Remedies Safe?

Herbal remedies are natural, but does that mean they’re always safe?

Photo by Lisa Hobbs on Unsplash

It’s tempting to assume that because herbal remedies are natural, they will always be safe and more gentle in their action than prescription drugs, but this isn’t always the case. Some plants are very poisonous and can cause instant death when even small quantities are consumed. Others can cause severe…




¡Hola, Herbs! is a Latinx-owned natural remedy shop that believes in celebrating all that Mother Earth provides for us. Holistic healthcare should be accessible to all, so we empower our customers to honor the simple beauties around them.

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Patsy Collins

Patsy Collins

Author, gardener, photographer, cake eater and campervanner from the south coast of England.

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