¡Hola, Herbs!
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¡Hola, Herbs!

Making Herb Oils

Herb oils are useful, as well as easy and cheap to make, so why not have a go?

Photo by Roberta Sorge on Unsplash

The choice of oil to be used to create to herb oils makes quite a difference to the finished product. If a subtle oil is wanted for dipping bread or dressing salad then a good quality olive oil is probably the best choice. If a strong herb taste is wanted, or if the oil will be used for cooking, then a…




¡Hola, Herbs! is a Latinx-owned natural remedy shop that believes in celebrating all that Mother Earth provides for us. Holistic healthcare should be accessible to all, so we empower our customers to honor the simple beauties around them.

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Patsy Collins

Patsy Collins

Author, gardener, photographer, cake eater and campervanner from the south coast of England.

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