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Holdem Heroes— NFT Poker Minting Today

HoldemHeroes.com: Mint. Airdrop. Reveal. Play.

- Limited supply of 1326 NFTs
- Dynamic auction pricing
- Game & NFT’s Launching on Ethereum and Polygon
- Airdrop to early minters
- Game already developed — ready to play!
- Rake fees go to DAO (read all the way for alpha on the “rake”!)
- Private “Players” Discord channel for NFT holders

Blind Minting: April 20

Minting starts at 7am PST (1400 UTC) if you are Whitelisted. 8am for public.
Every address can mint a maximum of 9 NFTs.
Price is dynamic (goes up and down according to demand).

This stage is exclusively on Ethereum Mainnet.
Every NFT minted will be airdropped its ‘Polygon Twin’.

Once you mint, join the other players in the exclusive #players Discord channel.

Airdrop & Reveal: April 23


At the end of Blind Minting, a snapshot will be taken. (After 72 hours)
Every NFT ‘Blind Minted’ on Ethereum will be airdropped it’s ‘Polygon Twin’. For example, if you were lucky enough to blind mint the hole cards, “Ace Hearts, Ace Diamonds”, you will be airdropped the same hole cards on Polygon.


At the end of blind minting, all cards — minted and un-minted, will be revealed. If any cards are left un-minted, expect to see the good ones get snapped up fast!

L F Play: April 26

Games on both blockchains go live!
Choose your table — L F Play!

Game play in action

Rake Alpha

The game collects a rake of 5 %.
Primarily, this is used to cover the Ether required to call VOR, and ensure true on-chain randomness of all games.
However, it’s more than enough… So, who does the rake go to?

Well, on day 1, the rake goes to the devs.
But the intention is to transition to DAO ownership.
So, the rake will be distributed to all players with skin in the game.

That’s right — mint cards, get airdropped, get regular ETH drops!

While every other shitcoin and NFT wants to drop you more shitcoins, we’re offering pure ETH.

While every other Play-to-Earn game prints shitcoins whose values tend towards zero, this is Play-to-Earn-ETH.

While every other overpriced jpg offers you “perks”, we offer ETH.

Do you want “Perks”, or do you want ETH?


  1. Join Discord
  2. Ask for WL role
  3. Use secret link in #whitelist channel to mint early before crazy dynamic pricing

4. Join the private #players channel, exclusively token-gated for NFT holders

5. L F Play!



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