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Internal Rarity Ranking Marketplace

HoldemHeroes.com has an Internal Rarity Ranking Marketplace.
No need to rely on external rarity tracking tools — we have it baked in.

On HoldemHeroes.com/marketplace (live after minting), you can easily see which Hole Card NFTs have been Minted or are remaining Unminted (if any).
You can then filter NFTs by Shape (Offsuit, Suited, Pair) and by Rank (from 1–169, double Aces being rank 1).

Search for favorite hand

This makes it simple to narrow down which hands are available and attractive. Each NFT is displayed on our Marketplace page, with a direct link to bid/purchase on OpenSea.

Potentially, we may expand the functionality to include trading on the marketplace itself. All in one.

Holdem Heroes minting on Ethereum starts on April 20.
Mint in the first 3 days to receive an airdrop of the same cards on Polygon.

4/20: Minting
4/23: Reveal + Airdrop
4/26: Poker games live on Ethereum + Polygon

Go all in on HoldemHeroes.com



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