Jeronicus Jangle is the greatest inventor of all and super happy. And why not: his store, Jangles and Things, is a regular Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, everyone loves his toys, he can write math equations in the air in sparkles from his fingers, and his family believes in him. His stinky apprentice Gustafson aspires to greatness, but customers laugh at him and Jeronicus ignores him.

Jangle’s latest invention — birthed from The Jangleator (2020, am I right?) — is a sassy and vain talking Ken doll with matador swagger. Kenny Ty sees the plan for his mass production, and he’s like “there can be only one!” He goes all devil-on-the-shoulder and convinces Gustafson to steal Jangle’s book of inventions … an indefinite borrow isn’t the same as stealing, after all.

Years pass. Jeronicus’s magic left with Kenny Ty, his wife dies, and he sends his daughter away. It’s a real bummer. Somehow he kept his prime address, but now the store is a pawn shop, and the bank is threatening. Kid scientist/inventor U̵r̵k̵e̵l̵ Edison tells him he’s awesome, but he dismisses him.

Jeronicus needs a new invention. He’s gloomy. No one gets his name right. He’s sexually harassed by his mail carrier (with mail ESP) on the reg. His bills are overdue. But… his unaccompanied minor granddaughter is coming to visit!

Journey arrives, and she’s like “you’re the greatest inventor of all!” and he goes to bed. He must take Ambien now because Journey scream-sings how POSSIBLE IT IS and isn’t interrupted.

She finds Robot E.T. and is like “this is how grandpa will get his Christmas spirit back.” She and U̵r̵k̵e̵l̵ Edison fly with Robot E.T., but they should have kept a lower profile because stinky Gustafson has been looking for a new invention since he used up all the ones in the book. So he steals it. And the kids have to steal it back. They use science and a bit of magic.

Watch on a snowy afternoon with Mr Matador.



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