Holiness (The Foundation)

Every building has a foundation, Holiness has 7 pillars and one foundation.
In the first article introduced us to the theme of this blog Holiness Excellence & Wisdom, and today we would see a little bit about the foundation of Holiness

Every building has a foundation, Holiness has 7 pillars and one foundation.

Humility is the foundation of Holiness. Humility is defined as the quality of having a modest or low view of one’s importance. It’s not about how much you have or who you are or how right you have done what you did but how low you view your importance.

Holiness is not about how fast you can rise but how far you are willing to go down. Jesus could have been the king of the world when He was in his human form on earth, but he chose to die and today He is the king even from Heaven.

Everything about the elements of life is powerful when you think about them really deeply and carefully. Fire, Air, Water, Earth very powerful. however, Earth is the most powerful element, in my opinion, it’s firm, it quenches fire, stops air, swallows the water, and very difficult to be affected by other elements, water can’t stop earth, fire purifies earth making earth better, Air can’t even do much.

The reason for such power can be said to be made possible by the earth’s humility. You know that phrase “Down to earth”. Earth is humble no matter what you do to earth it remains humble, patient with an understanding one day you will die and come back to earth. Air, Water and Fire come from Earth.

Earth is patient, quiet, enduring. Like my Daddy (Pastor EA Adeboye) once said, ‘you can spit on earth, dig the earth, break the earth, even defecate on the earth, with no much reaction because it knows one day it would swallow us up in when we die.

Well speaking of death, The foundation of Holiness cannot go without death analogy, something has to die for something to live. As bad as death is it’s one of the reasons why you value life. A seed dies before an attempt to grow. Bad habits die before good habits can come in. People die for people to live on. There is a choice with when it comes to death: Willingness to die or Forced to die

You are either willing to die or be killed or kill something in you, or forced to die, be killed which the fact that death is coming should bring humility.

Understanding the role of death helps maintain a balance. Know this you can’t attain any height without losing something.

Humble people are ready to lose because they understand that all they are doing is seeding for the next season.

Zero is most times called insignificant but there is no number base that you don’t need Zero. Binary, Octal, decimal, Hexadecimal etc. The cheat is this before you rise again you must first hit a zero (become insignificant).

i.e Binary 0,1,10,11,100
Decimal 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10

You must touch zero or no progress.

Fun Fact: everyone is a zero. Some zeros are just in better positions.

What’s is the difference between 09/100 and 90/100. Why do you think God resist the Proud? I think it is because they see themselves more than what they really are, a ZERO.

How does this affect Holiness?

Holiness has seven pillars that stand on Humility.

Humility in my words is simply easy to agree with or relate with, your views are just as valid as mine.

If you know me well you would know that I could be stoned to death for talking about humility 3 years ago, I mean, it would be a taboo. A lot of people say this “I die daily” or “be dead to self” what they mean is “see yourself with less importance”.

This doesn’t mean you should know your worth or value yourself or be confident or courageous, of discipline.

3 Benefits of Humility.

  1. You have God: When you have Divinity near you and that means the support of heaven and earth, the angels and hosts of heaven even the universe backs you. You have divine resources and power.

When you are a Zero, then its easy for God to be your Hero.

2. You have People: It is within the law of human to want to have people subject to you, it’s normal, everyone wants to be above someone. If you are humble everyone wants you, even the proud because you make them feel good about themselves. and when you have people you also have what people have, their time, resource, connection, family etc.

3. You have you: Because everything comes to you by nature, you have more to yourself than most people, more time resource and many more.

Action Plan

It’s not about trying to be something special, it’s about being the nothing everyone loves and can relate to.

Everyone wants air, but nobody has ever touched air or held it. Now, you may be thinking isn’t air humble? Well, Air came to be because there was earth, and on like earth, Air makes a lot of noise, you can hear the noise of the wind passing. Remember I told you there are 7 pillars of Holiness and Air best explains one of them well.


When the earth is affected too much it quakes, it destroys, Why? Because the earth has a supporter club, God, People and Nature. What you must know is, God always fight for the humble, People always fight for the Humble, Nature always fight for the Humble

What am I Trying differently to stay humble?

People don’t care what you know until they know that you care so

Humility is reasonable, compliant, ready to obey, ready to be corrected, ready to adapt, ready to listen, ready to change course when confronted.

Listen More, Talk Less.
Help more, Talk less.
Agree More, Argue Less.
Settle More, Struggle Less.
Adapt More, Attack Less.

It is impossible to live a Holy life without humility.

See you next Saturday.



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