About Socials and Discipline: How I Handle It

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John Fáwọlé
Holistic Excellence
2 min readJan 12, 2024


Photo by Humphrey Muleba on Unsplash

Recently, I have been stricter with myself with respect to discipline.

Initially, I spent less time on social media. But there is a need to do more.

You see, almost everyone is attached to their phones. And there is always a notification to check; Twitter, Tiktok, IG, WhatsApp, and even LinkedIn.

If not careful, you might be bouncing from one social medium to another.

As a creator, it’s good to give the excuse that you’re scrolling because you’re a creator.

But in actual fact, you know you eventually get to scroll socials than you even planned mindlessly.

Of course, you can’t be a creator without interacting with your timeline. However, the subject matter I’m discussing here is more of caution.

Overall, I plan to spend nothing more than 20 minutes on my socials daily.

Why have I made this decision and been stricter with it?

  1. Consecration and IQ Preservation

Foremost, I’m a Christian and very careful with what I allow to enter my mind; it’s part of my consecration.

Sometimes, I go on Twitter and see things not fueling my faith. Christian Twitter folks are always arguing baseless doctrines, and all can be quite tiring too.

That aside, there is an issue of low IQ content on socials. Well, this might come off as arrogant, but if you’re intelligent, be careful how you interact with some social content.

The IQ of some content are so low, and if you keep seeing stuff like that, it will affect your intelligence.

I don’t even mean nerdy content is the only type of content with a good IQ. You know what I’m saying.

2. Do Deep Work

So many people have lost the power to stay on a task, block off all the noises, and focus on it.

You can’t do Deep Work if you check Twitter every 2 minutes. Gradually, you can see you’re becoming quite dependent or rather addicted to these platforms.

In the long run, they might dampen your productivity.

I am a final-year Law student — meaning I need more time to read and draft.

I am running a marketing company. I also have an independent technical marketing consulting brand.

I am broadening my skillsets daily. So from a career perspective, I need a good amount of time to work and build myself.

May it not be heard that I played with my twenties

Wrapping Up

I hope you get what I’m trying to communicate in this essay. Here are the clearer points:

  • Preserve your consecration and IQ
  • Build the ability to do deep work
  • Don’t allow social media to control you

Thank you for reading.