Ambitious People will Always Meet

… the operation of consensus ad idem

John Fáwọlé
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3 min readNov 5, 2023


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I’ve been a very ambitious boy since I was young. I can remember those days when we used to have inter-school debates, Diocesan quizzes and all that. I love them. I love anything that encourages intelligence and puts people at the top of their game.

Where I come from, most people simply go to school, graduate, become a teacher, retire, start collecting pensions, and that is all.

That is good, but I have always wanted more. In fact, I want the best.

I’m curious about what kind of world people like Barrack Obama, De Rock, and Steve Jobs come from. How come they became who they are today? Why not less?

Then I discovered that there are a lot of other people all around the world who are also passionate about building their lives beyond the usual bars.

Right there and then, I became passionate about meeting other people like this.

Ambitious People will Inspire You

Now, you might ask me, “John, why is it so important to meet other ambitious people?”

In Law, there is something we call “consensus ad idem,” meaning “the meeting of like minds.”

The truth is that ambitious people, in the word of Sam Altman, can often believe in themselves or their goals to the point of delusion — albeit a positive one.

So, it is only their peers that can understand them. What do I mean?

Back in the day, most people mainly travel by road or ship. But the Wright Brothers thought of a way people could fly.

At the time, everyone else will see the goal of their experiment as something unrealistic and probably due to youthful exuberance.

I’m sure religious people, respectively speaking, might have said a demon is inspiring them.

Thank God who made them brothers from birth. When A came up with the idea, B said it was possible. It didn’t end there, and they figured it out together.

That day you woke up and said, “I will be the biggest car dealer in the world soon,” most people will think you are fantasising.

But your ambitious friends will ask, “John, what are your strategies for achieving this goal?”

They will help you with the ideation and help from time to time.

Listen, the reason some have lost the business idea that would have made them a millionaire is because one friend causally discarded it.

In short, if you are ambitious, you need to be among other ambitious people; closely-knitted circle.

Don’t Force Your Way into Cliques and Doors

One of the things I do my best to avoid is forcing my way through things.

For instance, you want to become friends with founders in the Silicon Valley. Don’t spend your days trying to force your way into their caucus.

You are not part of them, and that is a clear point. If you try to force your way in, you won’t fit in. And you will be easily identified as someone who does not belong to that clique.

Yes, you are ambitious, and you want to meet other ambitious people. But there are better ways to do it.

There is this fake energy where 5 friends are talking, and someone is trying to blend along. Don’t be that guy.

The Key: Be The Best Version of Yourself

In response to the above subheading, the way to connect with other ambitious people is to be the best version of yourself.

If you are a developer, you should really understand your stack beyond the average Joe. Be very good.

When people see how good you are, they can invite you to work for their organisation or speak at their event.

Even if you don’t see people hire you on time, be so skilled that you can find a problem and solve it.

This is a loose way of explaining how ambitious people genuinely meet.

Are you a Law student? Be very sound in your knowledge of the Law, ace your grades, participate in mooting competitions, and intern in top places and firms.

The funny thing is that what people call networking comes naturally to people being themselves.

Thanks for reading.

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