But have you tried to walk on water?

John Fáwọlé
Holistic Excellence
3 min readNov 28, 2023

a musing on Faith and Work…

Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash

There is a passage in the Gospels that strikes anytime I hear or read it. Yes, it is the part where Peter walked on water to meet Jesus.

I have imagined it, and every time I get a more perfect picture of the whole scenario. Peter has been a skilled fisherman all his life, and he is more informed about water.

But he has never done something before: walking on water.

I mean, who would have imagined to even do that in their wildest imaginations?

We all were taught in school that water does not have a shape in itself and is liquid. As a result, a human being cannot walk on it.

Beyond what we were taught, we have found this scientific law to be true in practice. If you step into the water, you will go down into it; well, unless you can swim.

I am sure you have heard stories of people who drowned, so this is no joke.

In my imagination, I wondered, “What if Peter had drowned?” We celebrate David today, but what if David’s stones didn’t hit Goliath on the forehead? Have you asked yourself these questions before?

Man and God Meets Half-way

I attend CCI-Ife, and I can remember a Sunday when my Pastor was teaching about the Supernaturals and mentioned that in most spiritual collaborations or encounters, man and God always meet halfway.

Can you remember that there were some other people on the boat with Peter that night?

They didn’t even ask Jesus to bid them come; they were too afraid because that was such a deadly experiment; I mean, no one wants to die.

Peter made a move to walk with Jesus on water, and right there, there was a miracle for him to keep walking.

According to the principle of Cause and Effect, that miracle wouldn’t have been actualized without Peter making a move to do something.

You see, my friend, when people say, “I wish God can make me a millionaire,” they have resorted to wishful thinking and shifted the responsibility to God. Whereas, they also have a part to play.

I was recently consulting with a friend about a business idea they can run, and they were reluctant because it requires much money and experience.

The paradox is that when you make a move with the whatever amount of money you have, the rest will come and you will get the coveted experience along the line.

Do you want to have a First-class in your studies? God “will not do it for you.” You and God will work together. Put in the work, then see your faith bring everything to fruition.

That aside, I have also seen married people who want to take one step or another and hesitate because of funds or anything.

You see one thing I have seen in my life tangibly: when you move, God will back you. I’ve seen that over and over again.

My friend, the issue is mostly your over-calculation and planning without taking action. Again I ask you, have you tried to walk on water?