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John Fáwọlé
Holistic Excellence


Photo credit: Editors at Holistic Excellence

Perhaps you just started on Medium, or you’d been around, and you’re looking for a big publication for your writing. Then you should consider submitting your content to us at Holistic Excellence.

We will be happy to share your stories with our elite audience. With that, you’re on your way to gaining more exposure and visibility on Medium.

Holistic Excellence is a publication that we created to make us have all-round excellence in our lives. And that’s it. Our scope is not to build a community of people who are financial gurus but are bankrupt of human values.

Have you ever met someone versatile and wide? Have you met someone intelligent, professional, creative, courteous, human, wealthy, and healthy? We are trying to build a community of people like that.

But we have a limitation? Yes. Which is the fact that we cannot do it without YOU. We need your stories. We need to hear your voice. Our audience wants to learn about your perspectives on life and issues. Everyone wants to hear YOU.

Our scope is around anything that helps humanity. Every area of our lives. We don’t mind you writing about how you were bathing, and the water stopped running.

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