You Are Not Disadvantaged

how to win in life

John Fáwọlé
Holistic Excellence
4 min readDec 4, 2023


Photo by Peter Idowu on Unsplash

I had a very serious day at work today. Woke up very early in the morning, had my devotion, and was working on the first milestone of this project at dusk. Still on it.

I took a short break around noon, and I watched this interview with Mr. Eazi, a veteran businessman and afrobeat artiste.

Let me give you a bit of background: I admire Mr. Eazi from afar. Why?

He has a diverse career, which I also do. He studied Engineering, investing in Startups and music artists, making music, and I even heard there was a time when he was selling mobile phones.

As a person, I am a final-year Law student, thriving as a documentation engineer and content strategist, learning software engineering and smart contract development, building my first company, investing in businesses and lots more.

In a way, I have some similarities with him, which explains why I admire him from afar.

Well, that is beside the point. Let me share something with you.

He Came From a Rich Home

During the interview, I got to know that he went to one of the best high schools in Lagos. Then he mentioned something striking, his Dad would give him roughly $1,500 as pocket-money, while his Mom would add something to it.

When I was in year 1, my pocket money was around $15 or so. Now, my point is that a lot of very successful people were from rich homes.

Movies often paint it as though everyone who reached the top 10% of world wealth moved from grass to grace. In reality, it is not completely true.

In fact, the number of those who moved from grace to grace really outways those who came from middle-class homes.

Or do you want to talk about Peter Thiel who founded the Thiel Fellowship? For those who don’t know, the Thiel Fellowship gives $100,000 to software developers who drop out of Ivy League schools.

Now, my question is, “Can a middle-class man even afford to school in an Ivy League?” Peter Thiel himself came from a rich home.

Or do you want to tell me that Elon Musk came from a middle-class home?

At the same time, you have to embrace your privilege in life. If you were born into a rich home, milk that opportunity to easily become part of the top 10% of wealthy people in the world.

Has life actually played you 5:0?

I was listening to someone some years back, the person said something:

“If you are not born into a very rich home and you want to be among the top 10% wealthy people in the world, life has played you 5:0.”

Don’t be quick to say, “God forbid.”

You see, different things eventually culminate into success. Let me give paint a scenario for you:

Ake is a visionary young trader from a humble background, and he is trading in the crypto market with $100 most of which he even borrowed from friends promising them returns. His trades went well and he made a $100 gain.

Jordan, on the other hand, is also a young trader from a rich home. From the money his parents gave him, he threw $10k into trading and he made a gain of another $10k.

(By the way, I am not encouraging you to trade if you cannot handle the emotions. At least, learn the ropes well if you will)

Between the two of them, who made a greater gain? Jordan, right? Why? Because he had a bigger initial capital from his parents.

Most people skip this in their success stories, it is incredibly challenging for someone who is not born into a rich home to simply do some things.

Also in the game of success, what we call access and exposure are two important ingredients among other things.

By going to the best school, rich kids have access to a greater level of exposure and access. They had better facilities, personalized academic mentorship, exposure to extra-curricular activities and so on.

For instance, a lot of people do not even gain access to the vision of building unicorns and global businesses.

What people don’t know is that changing the world often requires you to be comfortable to a large extent.

Someone who is deeply worried about finding the meal to eat tomorrow is already short-sighted in thinking long-term; anything that will solve the immediate needs is fine.

Again, let me ask, “Has life not played you 5:0 already?”

You Are Not Disadvantaged, My Friend

You know, there are some battles you will even feel you have lost so no need to fight. You will feel like you are knocked-out of the game already.

You will blame everything and everyone around you; blame your parents, your country, and every entity blameable.

You wish you were privileged like that kid who is already a software engineer at 15. What most people do at this point is to feel dejected and leave everything to fate.

My friend, don’t do that.

Christ created you intentionally into where you are, so you are to be the agent of change. A man is enough to change the trajectory of a generation; be that man.

Christ has given you the spirit of excellence, endowed you with abundance, and everything you need. As a result, you are not disadvantaged.

Even though you didn’t have the earthly privilege, you can still become whoever you want to be.

I can remember one day I finished reading God’s Word when I was in high school, I told myself I would be top of the top 10% of the wealthy people in the world.

My background doesn’t matter; Christ gave me a new and the most perfect background.

So life is not playing me at 5:0. Instead, I have won the game of life by faith.

I hope someone learns something from this.