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16 Kick Ass Goals for Acing Life.

Life-Goals That Nobody Is Talking About

1. Create a life where you never have to worry about money ever again.

Because you’re always guaranteed to get more.

2. A life where your work is not work but it’s like play.

It’s your greatest joy, and you’re doing something to the world. Working in stuff that really means something to you. And lights you up bringing deep joy and satisfaction. How about a life balanced with time for work and time for rest?

3. Developing full emotional control.

I mean conquering your depression, your anxiety, boredom and pain, and suffering, anger and negative thinking and fear. How about conquering all of those? Because you can if you want to.

How about Developing yourself beyond that to become a really grounded, emotionally imperturbable human being? Like Marcus Aurelius whose whole thing was emotional mastery, living a noble life, being a rock solid stoic ideal.

4. To have deep understanding of how the world works.

Like real satisfying deep knowledge that makes you feel at home in the world. Because you understand everything you need to understand about life. That’s very possible.

5. How about a really successful fulfilling intimate relationship?

With amazing sex, deep control over yourself and the moment, with intimacy, pleasure and security. Using it as an incredible tool, going so far with multiple orgasms, hypnosis, squirting, tantra, etc.

6. Developing your core confidence

So you’re really decisive, assertive, and you accept yourself fully.

That’s a worthwhile goal.

Your flaws and your weakness, realizing that it’s not about becoming perfect but rather cultivating this kind of deep self-love where you love yourself as you are, with all your imperfections.


7. How about travel and hobbies.

putting yourself into a place where you can savor the full richness of life. Life in the 21st century offers so many adventures and hobbies, and places to travel, and experiences all around the world.

Seeing amazing monuments and sites, going to amazing restaurants, engaging in incredible hobbies that you probably never think existed. And that certainly didn’t exist several hundred years ago.

All of this is available quite affordable these days, you can really sample richness that the entire planet offers before you die. Seeing what the world is about, seeing how it functions, how other culture and societies functions.

8. How about as another goal physical vitality and energy.

Not feeling exhausted or drained after coming back from work but rather energized, strong, vibrant, with your vitality shooting out of you, this kind of radiance of live energy that comes to force through you.

Physical strength and flexibility and endurance and enough energy to get through the day without having to be liquored up on coffee and all this other kind of crap.

And then of course transferring that beautiful energy, that physical vitality into the bedroom and other areas of life.

9. Rich and rewarding friendships.

Not the kind of crappy friends like victim companions but friend that are inspiring to you, who are out there, who are superstars or acing life or doing stuff that is real self-actualizing.

And getting a circle of those kind of friends around you, friends who like to challenge and push you and who share the richness of the world with you.


10. How about becoming a leader

A leader of other human beings and inspiring them and being a role model and setting an example with your own life that inspires others and moves others to become great.

11. How about being creative.

Being creative to the ultimate degree and advancing humanity in a meaningful way, whether through invention or art or scientific discovery or product creation, consumer products, technology and so forth.

12. How about breaking free of the rat race.

Your 9 to 5 job, the two weeks of crappy vacation that we get, and the pop culture that I am inundated with every single day. Television, Internet, social media, smart phone. Breaking free of that.

13. How about a life based on integrity.

A life lived with principles for their own sake. So you can feel like you’ve lived a noble life when you’re dead. Like your life was extraordinary in the full sense of that world.

That you’re really pride for your life.This intense pride, not in an arrogant gloating sort of way but in a very humble and grateful for how lucky you’ve been and the great people and things that have come into your life that you’ve been able to seize those opportunities and make something out of those.

And pride in the fact that you actually committed yourself to make something more of yourself than the average person does. And that you somehow left the world better off than when you came into it through your work.

14. How about enlightenment.

Realizing the true existential nature of yourself, other people and reality. That’s possible for, did you know that you can discover the answers to those questions?

Philosophical typed questions that we think there are no answers to, when actually you can get experiential answers to those very profound questions. That will completely transform how you see life and people. It will even transform how you see life and death, including your own death.

15. How about as a goal having the time to reflect and contemplate life.

To really appreciate and see the beauty of life, to savor that beauty not just running around in a hamster wheel all the time but rather reflect and contemplate and make that time to do more with less time, and leave the time open to appreciate the beauty of life.

16. How about as a goal that when you’re lying on the death bed you die with a smile on your face.

Without fearing, regretting, but understanding that you went all out and soaked all the beauty and seizing as much of it as you reasonably could be expected to.

And dying knowing that you accomplished everything that was to accomplish here on earth, savoring everything that there was to savor with this human body apparatus that you’ve been given.

How about realizing all these life goals? How would you feel?

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