Your spirituality is not something to be ashamed of.

Consider the possible scenario: You live in a peaceful, but not so pleasant place.

Your relationships are based on love, and reciprocity.

Yet, you miss something to feel complete, you feel like there is more to life than just satisfying your desires.

You feel that you have not been told about something.

And then you start searching for more.

You go to the library in the hope of finding a book to read. You unlock new sections of the Internet talking about all the occult stuff that you were not used to even think about.

Forget the cat videos. Your current Youtube suggestions are more likely telling that you are an alchemist searching for Morpheus.

Yet, you feel that something is wrong. Why you feel so lonely?

Seriously. Not everyone will understand that your old priorities doesn’t make sense to you anymore;

Not everyone will understand how important it is for you to sit 5 minutes doing exactly nothing;

Not everyone will understand that removing all the animals, meat, flesh, blood, fish, and anything with a heart from your foods consumption is not a radical thing to do, it’s a logical choice.

But you are not alone in your journey.

Your help comes when you naturally start attracting who you are becoming. Follow the white rabbit, they say.

Controlling your body isn’t pleasurable all the times. Physical pleasure is achieved when you sleep 12 hours in a row. But it is beneficial?

Actually, all the things are permissible, but not all of them are beneficial.

You can make smart choices in life if you follow an ideal. There is reasons to do that, and I am here to encourage you to make that move towards your personal inner needs.

It can come slow with time, but planting the seeds that you want watch growing, and if you cultivate, it will grow.

The seed of freedom from the animal part of ourselves.

We can actually become much greater than we are used to. Society has this standard of mediocrity, and when we start improving, everyone feels uncomfortable.

We reflect to others who they are. A contrast between high and low is formed. A contrast that shows how much you’ve improved in such little time.

And yet, everything is relative. Relative to something. — 
And there is only good because we have the wrong to compare.

When applying the effort, expanding our comfort zone, we achieve a position which our intuition controls our desires.

We can feel the power growing inside of us. 
Choices becomes a tool, and we manifest great changes in small actions.

Don’t think you are alone — observation is the best gift you can have.

Cultivate your values. Go for an adventure, live in harmony, love without second intentions, be responsible for your life, be genuine.

“No one is alone if accompanied by great thoughts”
— Jorge Livraga

Growth comes as a result of habit.

We are what we do everyday.

#Day 25

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