My Morning Ritual

Hello Holisticare Community!

Holisticare is a project that was born from my need to heal my own body. I began researching while in bed rest about the healing properties of food. I hired a health coach who is now a dear friend, Isabelle Gagnon, who would

come to my bedside and help me learn about what kind of food would help support my healing process and what kind of fuel I needed between my multiple spinal surgeries.

Today it’s hard to believe that I´m the same person; those four long and painful years seem like a life time ago but I haven’t forgotten what it feels like to be in constant pain and to live in fear that the rest of my life would be full of illness, surgeries, bed rest and long days.

I dedicate this project to every person who is going through their own health challenges, in hope that providing useful information on how to use food as one of the most powerful healing tools will make your journey to wellness a little less rocky.

My Morning Ritual

I have established a morning ritual that has helped my body and mind find balance and strength. This morning ritual helps my body to detoxify and increases my energy levels tremendously.

The first thing I do every morning is drink a glass of warm ginger tea with lemon. This promotes liver detoxification, improves digestion, promotes skin repair, balances pH levels in the body and supports with weight loss. It can be achieved with warm water and half a lemon but I personally prefer to make ginger tea, which can be stored in the refrigerator and heated up in the morning to take advantage of ginger´s anti-inflammatory properties.

I drink my green juice immediately after my tea while enjoying some quite time in the morning. You can either juice or blend because both have amazing benefits. In another post I will talk about the difference between juicing and blending.

Waking up early in order to make the time to meditate or do some yoga poses after your green juice is also a powerful grounding tool.

Iyengar yoga has been vital in my healing process and I try to make time to do at least 5 poses every morning.

One of my 2017 Goals is to take a mediation class and improve this skill.

If you are in bed rest I really recommend listening to healing mantras or learning some, for example enhancing the power of our mind to heal our body through the mantras

“I am”. “I am health, I am green healing energy, I am full of abundance, light and love, I am fusing my spine, I am healing…..” .

Visualizing yourself healthy and using your mind to heal your body is crucial. There have many scientific studies on the subject and this is something that I practiced every day for years. I always imagined myself healthy and happy and this tool was something that gave me tremendous strength.

Stay tuned tomorrow because I will post recipes for homemade ginger tea and for my healing green smoothie! Much love and healing light 💚
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