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Why I Made Brown Rice My Holy Food

Photo by TUAN ANH TRAN on Unsplash

Until more or less five years ago, I was continuously facing too many ups and downs! I lived in a rollercoaster of emotions, and not always the best ones. I nearly believed that depression ran in the family.

Then I took a course in Macrobiotics, and with that, I naturally started eating germinated cooked brown rice!

Why do I do this? Primarily because of its energetic qualities and because I have truly experienced all of the above.

Brown rice:

  • Is naturally generous; one single grain can give birth to a hundred more;
  • It Is whole, integral, so there’s lots of integrity in it and in the person that eats it daily!
  • It grows in muddy soils and inside water for some time; it is moist and shows great adaptability; so just like that, you can nurture and be nurtured, plus a solid capacity to quickly adapt to any situation;
  • It sprouts in spring, gets golden in late summer, and is harvested in early autumn, so it is warm! Warm qualities are shown in human attributes like patience and kindness; a friendly person always listens with enthusiasm!
  • A rice field sings when the wind blows without ever breaking; this shows excellent flexibility. Flexibility is also a sign of empathy and intelligence!

With Macrobiotics, my way of looking at food and life changed; it helped me widen and change my whole perception.

Now, instead of focusing on the lack of a nutrient/vitamin, I focus on having an energetic balance in what I eat!

Nowadays, when for any reason, I stop my excellent macrobiotic habits due to Christmas or any other holidays, or my mother’s Sunday lunches, which I enjoy very much! I can’t wait to return to my brown rice and all of my macrobiotic routines.

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