Toronto Maple Leafs Win It All: Holmesy’s 2019 NHL Bracket Challenge

The creator of Holmesy’s Fightin’ Words throws his hat in the 2019 NHL Bracket Challenge. What does he do? Does he play the favourites? Who’s his big upset? There’s only one way to find out…

Essentially the NHL’s promotional thing….plus a special guest *wink wink*

When the National Hockey League playoffs come on, you best know puck heads will be glued to their TVs on a nightly basis. They’ll probably be cheering. Some might even be crying. Who knows, some might not even know what to think? The head honchos at the employment firms might be seeing the “Stanley Cup Fever” as a reason for their beloved employees to take a leave of absence (or, on a good day, a holiday). On the other hand, maybe they will not. Some like to save those for when it comes time to spend time with their families or significant others. At least that’s what they say, eh?

Nevertheless, when the quest to hoist Lord Stanley begins in a few short days for the teams and players, a long-standing tradition of the NHL diehards will have commenced, the Bracket Challenge.

The NHL Bracket Challenge is much similar to that of the March Madness sha-bangs. Probably the biggest difference between the two is that one can actually say they have a plausible chance at winning the NHL Bracket Challenge and keep saying that to themselves for a week or two before their upset pick becomes obsolete.

With all that being said, it has come time for the so-called “smart marks” to start advertising their picks and take a shot at winning some dough or breaking their friends’ hearts. They’ll give you 99 reasons why they’re right and one reason why you’re wrong — ’cause they’re always right — but Holmesy ain’t like that. He doesn’t play that way.

The creator of Holmesy’s Fightin’ Words and the host of The Gambler’s Corner decided to take a break from playing the horses and doing other important journalistic things to give us his “must-see” bracket picks.

This year he decided to take some “shots in the dark”. Why? “In previous years, I have tried being ‘Mr. Perfect’ and the only thing I got out of that was a headache and regrets.”

This time around he’s going to just call it like he would want to see it. “Honestly, who wouldn’t want to see things play out this way,” Mr. Holmes said confidently as he took another sip of his coffee and proceded to look at his computer.

So how do his picks look? Let’s start with the West.

The West Brings The Fire

Why Calgary?

“I really like Calgary this year,” Holmes said. “It’s time for them to take a big step and shock some people.”

Winnipeg again?

“Winnipeg is going to win a hard-fought series against St. Louis,” Holmes said. “It’s going to be a good one to watch and it could really go either way.”

When asked if he thinks St. Louis can win against the ‘Peg. “In my mind, I could see it happening. St. Louis has a great team and it’s a shame one of ’em has to go home in the first round.”

Really? A Canadian team in the Stanley Cup Finals?

“I’m calling it now, folks. A Canadian team will make it to the Stanley Cup Finals,” Holmes said. “As Kurt Angle would say, ‘Oh, it’s true. It’s damn true.”

The East Searches For Its Beast

Holmesy’s described his confidence with the Toronto-Boston series. “I’ve heard if you wish hard enough for something that the universe will give it to you,” Holmes said. “That being said, I wished for the Leafs to beat the Bruins like a million times and hopefully as Vince Neil wished for a BJ in Motley Crue’s Netflix biopic ‘The Dirt’, it will come through. I’m counting on it!”

Cap fever?

“I’m interested to see what the ‘Canes will bring to the table. The Caps won the Cup last year and you know they’re not going to be kidding around this year either,” Holmes said.

When asked about his pick in the Penguins-Islanders series. “I like the Islanders this year. Pittsburgh is a good team, but I think New York wants to prove something this year.”

What type of drugs is he on?

“Don’t know what I’m thinking. I’m hooked on a feeling with T.O. If they get past Boston, I truly think anything and everything is possible,” said a candid Holmes.

How Do These First Round Matchups Last?

“It’s nothing too controversial,” Holmes said. “I’m just keeping it simple. Tampa is probably going to kill whoever they play. Calgary too. Will be a fun first round!”

Who Hoists Lord Stanley When It’s All Said And Done?

An all Canadian Stanley Cup Final?

“That’s my pipe dream right there. Call me ‘Pipe Dream Jones’, but I have a feeling,” said Holmes.

What if people think he’s an idiot for picking this?

“I got two words for them …”



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