360 SiteStream for General Contractors: Livestream your job site and digitize your workflow.

Communicate and collaborate effectively with Engineers, Architects and Owners to make decisions on-site.

Sahil Tadwalkar
Oct 10, 2018 · 4 min read

As a General Contractor, communication is an important skill. Often, different stakeholders expect different things and as the person in charge on-site you need to try your best to accommodate everyone. This is nearly impossible, but with HoloBuilder’s 360 SiteStream it becomes an easier process. 360 SiteStream relays live video from your 360 degree camera to any web browser, allowing anyone with access to join in. This gives you and your stakeholders more transparency and allows you to view your site in a way that has never been seen before.

Monitor your construction site with 360 SiteStream live and in 360 degrees, conveniently from wherever you are.

HoloBuilder’s 360 SiteStream has many capabilities and features that have proven to be very useful to contractors, like:

  • Collaborative decision making
  • Viewing of a project in real-time from multiple locations on a single project
  • Secure viewing, password enabled
  • 24/7/365 viewing access

All that is required is a WiFi connection, a mobile device, a Ricoh Theta V 360° camera, and a HoloBuilder subscription. Get started with 360 SiteStream today!

Invite Stakeholders to Monitor Real Time Construction

When an engineer, architect or owner is caught up in the office but wants to see your work, you do not have to wait until they can make it out to the site. With SiteStream, you can set up your 360° camera on a tripod in the middle of a room, locate it on your floor plan and get back to managing the project. At the same time, stakeholders can virtually step into the site and see live conditions throughout the day. With the 360° view there is no need for an assistant super or intern to sit by the camera, as the users on the other end can look around the site at their liberty, plus they’ll know exactly where they are looking at on the floor plan. This saves time for stakeholders and other key members of your team from traveling to the site.

Create a Real-Time Virtual Site Visit

Use the 360° camera for live streaming and walk it through the site. Thus, any number of stakeholders can tune in on any web browser or mobile device and record/communicate glaring deficiencies. Hold the camera in one hand so opening doors and talking on the phone becomes easier. You can even reach overhead and provide visuals on the steel deck, joists, ceiling tiles, soffit, HVAC, and virtually anything else. This process allows more than just one set of eyes assisting you through the job site walkthrough.

View live streams of the site on almost any device.

Check Your Work

Change orders and RFI’s can be supported with real-time video. Live stream with a 360° camera means that important decision makers can quickly verify site conditions, check your work, and ensure it meets their specifications. This saves you time waiting for them to come on site as you get important decision makers to clear up confusion on the spot.

Be at Two Places at Once

When construction gets busy on your large site, it’s hard to rush to all the places you need to be all the time. With 360 SiteStream, you can set up multiple cameras in critical locations and access the streams directly from your phone. This makes key components of the project easier to track and monitor. For example, stay on top of demolition work at the other end of your building or ensure shoring removal goes smoothly across the floor. Multiple cameras guarantee all your bases are covered and saves you a lot of travel time.

Tune into the real time construction monitoring remotely from your desktop to watch what’s happening on site, live, 24/7/365.

Unlimited Access

360 SiteStream gives you access to the site at any time during construction no matter where you are. You can monitor time-sensitive work, without the need to stick around the site. Leave the camera in position after a concrete pour and check again a week later to see creep effects and curing. This can extend to monitoring newly installed server rooms, pipework, or any other activity on-site that have non-stop processes.

Secure Viewing

Is there an owner who wants to monitor a secure location in their building? 360 SiteStream is secure from anyone viewing live streams they are not supposed to. With a required password, users who are given a share link or project editing rights are restricted from tuning in, giving yourself and the owner a level of confidence in privacy.

Get started with 360 SiteStream today!

For more information on how to set up 360 SiteStream click here. To see how you can use SiteStream along with the many other HoloBuilder features visit our website and get in touch!

If you would like to suggest an addition to our portfolio of features, add-ins and integrations that would make your life much easier, please send us an email to buildingtogether@holobuilder.com.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! And if you liked this article, leave us some 👏s! Thank you 🙂


It’s all about enterprise-ready 360° Reality Capture for construction projects that matter, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to HoloBuilder

Sahil Tadwalkar

Written by

Product @ HoloBuilder | Working to Improve Construction Productivity Starting With Reality Capture


It’s all about enterprise-ready 360° Reality Capture for construction projects that matter, powered by Artificial Intelligence.

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