Learn everything about how to make your day-to-day construction progress documentation easier by working seamlessly between the two platforms.

Sahil Tadwalkar
Dec 3, 2018 · 5 min read
Achieve more with the Procore integration for HoloBuilder using RFIs and Observations

Nowadays your work increasingly depends on different software platforms and you have to keep track of all the assets you have to manage, without creating data silos. That’s why we believe in providing integrations that enable you to seamlessly integrate new tools into your construction technology toolbox, like working with HoloBuilder and Procore.
In addition to importing sheets and images from your Procore project into HoloBuilder, the newest addition allows you to create Procore RFIs & Observations directly within HoloBuilder and sync them between the platforms. Learn everything about how to make your day-to-day construction progress documentation easier by working seamlessly between the two platforms in this article.

How to Get Started With the Procore Integration for HoloBuilder.

The easiest way to get started with using the Procore integration for HoloBuilder is to sign-in with your Procore account. That way you do not need to remember and handle yet another separate set of account credentials. Just click on the Procore logo on the HoloBuilder sign-in page, enter your Procore credentials and start working on your 360° progress documentation.

Signing-in to HoloBuilder with your Procore account

But regardless of how you log-in to HoloBuilder, you can always connect your Procore account with your HoloBuilder account. Just click on your name in the top right corner and click on ‘Account’ to open your account settings. You can then open the tab ‘Integrations’ on the left side and choose “Procore” from the list of integrations.

Once both platforms are connected, the dialog should look like shown below. In case you run into any problems read up on how to connect to your Procore account in our Help Center.

The yellow checkmark indicates a successfully connected Procore account in HoloBuilder

Now that you are familiar with the steps to integrate your Procore account with HoloBuilder, we will discuss the new RFI and Observation integration as well as how you can leverage this feature.

How to Use HoloBuilder as the Single Source of Truth for Your Photo Documentation.

Most commonly in the field, users will have their sheets stored in a project management software like Procore, and use their HoloBuilder account to manage their photos.

Importing sheets or 360° photos from Procore into HoloBuilder is easy after connecting the two accounts. Just click on the + button in the lower left corner and then choose ‘Procore’ on the left side of the dialog.

You can then work with those sheets and photos as you normally would. To link photos with sheets in HoloBuilder, you simply drag and drop them on the sheet. Find more information on how to manage your sheets and how to create a virtual tour in our Help Center.

If any revisions or modifications are made with the sheets, replace the old sheet and import the new into HoloBuilder and all the images will remain in place. Move any existing 360 photos from Procore into HoloBuilder and drop them on your sheet.

Drag and drop photos imported from Procore on the sheet

By using HoloBuilder explicitly for photo documentation and Procore for sheet management you know exactly where to look for what you need, saving time and streamlining your organization.

When To Use RFIs and Observations.

The RFI feature in Procore is used to clarify ambiguities in the field with the relevant external parties involved, whether it’s the owner, architect or engineer. These ambiguities are not answered by the contract specifications or drawings. With the Procore integration for HoloBuilder, you can give RFIs more context and improve communication with your stakeholders. Without proper photo documentation, it is difficult to visualize where you’re asking for clarification.

Switch between documenting an RFI or an Observation in HoloBuilder

Observations are used within Procore to assign tasks to other project team members at any stage of the project. These could be of any scope within the project, including safety, commissioning, quality, etc, and are generally not submitted to external parties. With 360-degree photo evidence of the observation and a description of the work to be completed, communication between team members or subcontractors dramatically improves.

How To Best Use The Integration.

The best way to utilize this integration is by having a project manager or engineer import sheets from Procore to HoloBuilder from the office.

Once the sheets are set up, a field engineer equipped with a mobile device and Job Walk App should capture photos in relevant locations in the field.

When the field engineer is back in the office, she or he should add markups from the web editor, and sync them with Procore as either an RFI or Observation, filling in all relevant information.

Please note: Any project in your HoloBuilder account can sync RFIs or Observations within Procore as long as the two accounts are connected.

RFI synched with Procore via a 360 Markup in HoloBuilder

The field engineer and project manager can then plan ahead and discuss outstanding issues on the site. Additional engineers who have HoloBuilder editing access and regularly review photo documentation can also mark RFIs or Observations.

For more in-depth explanations on how to work with the Procore Integration for HoloBuilder please have a look at our tutorials:

  1. Connecting HoloBuilder with Procore:
    Learn how to connect your HoloBuilder account with your Procore account
  2. Importing sheets or 360 images from Procore:
    Learn how to directly import sheets from Procore into HoloBuilder
  3. Creating and syncing Procore RFIs & Observations:
    Learn how to create markups to link with Procore RFIs or Observations

Please let us know what you think! If would like to suggest an addition to our portfolio of features and integrations that would make your life much easier, please send us an email to buildingtogether@holobuilder.com.

We are looking forward to hearing from you! And if you liked this article, leave us some 👏s! Thank you 🙂


It's All About 360° Reality Capturing for Construction Teams.

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It's All About 360° Reality Capturing for Construction Teams.

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