Capture your jobsite in “Ultra HD” with the Insta360 Pro & the JobWalk App

Document your site with premium image quality: “JobWalk Ultra HD” with mobile ready workflow and 8k resolution now only available with the Insta360 Pro camera and HoloBuilder’s JobWalk app

Oct 24, 2018 · 5 min read

When it comes to documenting construction sites, each project has its own requirements in terms of how photos should be captured. One aspect is image quality. Consumer grade 360° cameras already provide sufficient quality for most purposes, but as you’ve told us, sometimes an extra level of detail is required.

This is why we are excited to announce that HoloBuilder’s JobWalk App now integrates with the Insta360 Pro, a professional grade 360 degree camera that can provide this extra level of detail with its 8K/30 megapixel resolution!

The Insta360 Pro redefines high quality video and image capturing: Ultra HD images can be used to fully document your jobsite, and using HoloBuilder’s JobWalk App, it’s as easy as clicking a button. Showcase a final product, or document progress, in full detail with Ultra HD photos captured in the field - the choice is yours!

Why should you choose the Insta360 Pro for your construction documentation?

At 8k resolution, images captured by the Insta360 Pro allow for far greater zoom, better lighting, and all together more detailed photographs. This is useful for more accurately showcasing your work and viewing your images on a big screen without loss in quality. Use your walkthrough for marketing purposes to show owners their project, or future clients your portfolio.

See the list below for examples of specific ways in which using the Insta360 Pro can help you:

  1. Zoom into photos to read signs, labels, and issues
  2. Count quantities to better construct quantity take offs and deficiency lists
  3. Create more professional quality tours and walkthroughs
  4. Accurately rely on your photos while minimizing redundant and low quality photos

How do you benefit from the mobile ready workflow with the JobWalk App?

The Insta360 Pro stitches the 360 degree photos together within the camera, so there’s no need to use additional software to post process your images - they are ready to view in HoloBuilder immediately after capture. Using the Insta360 Pro with the JobWalk App minimizes time spent configuring your photo capture setup onsite, and allows you to get started right away. This workflow is optimal for those in the field and mirrors other cameras, so there’s no learning curve when you upgrade to the Insta360 Pro.

The Insta360 Pro is lightweight and can be used with a tripod. With the JobWalk App in one hand and the tripod in the other, you can benefit from a truly mobile workflow.

What’s the trade-off?

The higher quality images are larger in size. There is more data to process and so it takes more time to capture. On average it takes 30–35 seconds for an image captured by the Insta360 Pro to show up in HoloBuilder’s JWA. This image quality comes at a higher price point but if quality is what you are looking for, then it’s the best deal out there. A comparison of other cameras is listed in the table below. It all depends on what you are comfortable with, and what constraints you have within your project.

Image resolution, approximated capture time and price comparison of different 360° cameras.

See the difference between a standard 360 camera and the Insta360 Pro for yourself. Use the SplitScreen feature to see a side-by-side comparison. Use the drop down menu to change the image on one side of the screen and notice the quality difference.

Click the image to open a full 360° preview of the image quality and compare it side-by-side with SplitScreen.

How to get started with “JobWalk Ultra HD” and the Insta360 Pro?

All you need to get started to document site progress with the Insta360 Pro and the JobWalk app is a custom firmware installed on your camera. Just head over to our website and download it to get started!

Once you installed the firmware, the process is fairly simple: Enable the camera’s WiFi and connect it to your mobile device. Open up our JobWalk App and tap on your floor plan to capture photos. This streamlined process causes little disruption to your existing workflow, enabling you to continue taking photos on time.

Pro Tip: You can even push the limits of Ultra HD through your Insta360 Pro by taking 12k resolution pictures. These photos have significantly more times the number of pixels per standard photo, meaning you get truly professional level quality. Please note that these photos will need to be post-processed on your computer and uploaded to your project via HoloBuilder’s Web Editor. They cannot be taken directly with the JobWalk App at the moment.

And if you do not need the extra quality of the Insta360 Pro in the end, make sure to check out all the other cameras that are compatible to the JobWalk app! See the full list here.

If you would like to suggest an addition to our supported cameras, features or integrations that would make your life much easier, please send us an email to

We are looking forward to hearing from you! And if you liked this article, leave us some 👏s! Thank you 🙂


It's All About 360° Reality Capturing for Construction Teams.


Written by − 360° reality capturing for construction teams. Find us in the Valley, San Francisco and Aachen, Germany.


It's All About 360° Reality Capturing for Construction Teams.

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