Adding PlanGrid to HoloBuilder’s Suite of Integrations

Over the past few years, we have seen a valuable wealth of construction technology companies appearing in the market, with each addressing main pain points in the industry in a unique and innovative way.

At HoloBuilder, we believe that no individual player can tackle the entire complex spectrum of the construction industry. There are many construction companies that adopt a variety of software solutions that each helps their businesses during different phases of the project or during separate tasks. Having many tools that help with all elements of the business are great, however, as the number of tools increases, the complexity of managing the data can become a whole new headache. Therefore, we believe that it’s critical to think about the business processes first, and see how you can work with all tools in the process to provide the smoothest possible end-user experience for customers. Partnerships and integrations between software providers are key to ensuring that processes are accelerated, and not slowed down, by your software landscape.

Our integration with PlanGrid is a big step forward in integrating mission critical processes within your organization. PlanGrid brings tablets to the jobsite, replacing traditional paper floor plans with interactive digital sheets that can be updated project-wide in real-time with the single click of a button. HoloBuilder brings 360° cameras to construction to digitize the construction site and make its spaces virtually accessible from anywhere.

What does the integration mean to you and your project?

To you and your project, this integration means that you will spend less time managing different drawing sets and moving sheets from one platform to another, leaving you with more time to get the actual job done.

With this integration, you are now able to:

  1. Link your PlanGrid project with your HoloBuilder project
  2. Import drawings from PlanGrid to HoloBuilder
  3. Import 360° images, standard images, and other data from PlanGrid to HoloBuilder
Access your PlanGrid project data & files directly from within HoloBuilder’s Web Editor.

What’s next?

We are working with a selected audience to identify deep integrations for issue management, image import, and image analysis. If you are a user of both PlanGrid and HoloBuilder, we welcome your feedback, suggestions, or feature requests so that we can continue to provide you with the best experience possible. Every feature and integration extension that we build is carefully co-developed with our customers, and we are always very excited to hear your thoughts on what we should build next.

If you’d like to suggest an addition to our portfolio of integrations that would make your life much easier, please send us an email to

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