A year in review by HoloBuilder CEO & Founder, Mo Akbari.

2018 was a “building together” year for all of us at HoloBuilder. We’ve seen impressive team growth, and have welcomed incredible new customers to HoloBuilder. This allowed us to build truly amazing things together with you, our valued customers, partners, and friends. I want to take the holiday season as an opportunity to look back on the year and recap in this article what we have achieved at HoloBuilder with your support. Also, we are looking forward to reaching even greater new heights in 2019 together!

Building a world-class team for growth.

Growth manifests itself in different ways and is often measured in numbers. However, we at HoloBuilder believe growth is also a mindset, which often requires a little bit of extra dedication. That’s how the team has built a product that is used by over 1,000 construction companies globally.

Left: the team in Aachen, Germany, right: the team in San Francisco, California!

When it comes to working hard, I also want to mention the dedication of our fantastic interns and student helpers, who have achieved more than I would have dreamed of. With every new team member comes more diversity and knowledge, which we all appreciate. Thanks to our Spanish-speaking co-workers, we have reached new popularity in Chile, Colombia, Spain, Peru, and other Spanish-speaking countries around the globe.

Building together beyond boundaries.

It is important for me to mention that a key factor to our success is the love of our families, our spouses, and friends who are willing to be part of our journey. This journey is not always smooth behind the scenes and it takes a lot of courage to be part of a startup family. So a special thank you to all significant others of our HoloBuilder team. In my personal case my big “thank you” goes to Jana who is supporting my journey for many years with love and patience.

Building relationships.

Overall, both the business and the engineering side of the company have grown, making it possible to build out the product according to your open feedback. This strong support is based on good relationships with you, our customers and external partners, which we value the most. Thus, the team and I want to thank you for helping us understand your individual industry needs even better and provide a world-class solution. Without close collaboration with customers and partners like Hensel Phelps, the co-development of new features, like SiteAI for construction process automation with Artificial Intelligence, would not have been possible.

Throughout the entire year, the team and I were traveling to many construction and technology events. It is a real pleasure and so valuable to get in touch with our customers, potential customers and partners face to face. Strong relationships and partnerships are at the heart of everything we do.

I would also like to thank our partner companies that have helped at developing great new features and integrations. Like the Ricoh Theta team, who supported us at building out 360 SiteStream and joined us for a partner booth at Autodesk University. This experience was made possible thanks to the continued cooperation and partnership with Autodesk over the course of more than 1.5 years. And I am also more than excited about our great relationship with Procore, PlanGrid, Bluebeam and the other construction software solution providers, with which we build out hugely successful integrations. Because only in an interconnected environment great teams can work together successfully.

Takeharu (“TK”) Tone, product manager of RICOH THETA, and Christian Claus, VP of Product Management at HoloBuilder met at the Theta V Plug-in Micro conference in San Francisco.

So thank you all for your support over the course of a fantastic year 2018! I wish you and your families a happy new year and hope 2019 brings you success and happiness.



It's All About 360° Reality Capturing for Construction Teams.

Mostafa Mo Akbari-Hochberg

Written by

Founder & CEO Holobuilder Inc. Becoming a construction geek Augmented & Virtual Reality enthusiast Home in Silicon Valley and Aachen, Germany


It's All About 360° Reality Capturing for Construction Teams.

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