Why leading Co-Working and Co-Living Companies rely on 360° Photo Documentation to scale their Businesses

Since Ricoh released the Theta 360° camera in 2014, leading co-working/co-living space companies have been using 360° photo documentation for their operational processes. Starcity is one such San Francisco based co-living company and a HoloBuilder customer. Starcity is building a new category of real estate between hotel and housing with a mission to make cities accessible to everyone.

With an ever increasing demand for coworking and co-living spaces like Starcity, some of the biggest questions these companies face today includes:

  1. How can I get enough funding to open as many locations as possible?
  2. How can I scale my construction team and make it as efficient as possible to enable hyper growth?
  3. With an ever increasing number of spaces in cities that are further and further away from headquarters, how do we ensure quality management?
  4. How do we differentiate ourselves from the competition and keep an edge as the market matures?
  5. How do I ensure good community relations and build trust with my tenants?

We hear about amazing efficiency gains in all areas of these companies from property acquisition, investor relations, design and construction, operations and maintenance, marketing, and community engagement.

Starcity’s SoMa South Park location pictured above will open October 6th, 2018.

We hear the biggest benefit is being a central platform that gives insight into all company assets virtually and makes them accessible to team members and stakeholders including investors, designers, engineers, contractors, architects, inspectors, the bank, and the list goes on!

Specifically, here is how companies leverage 360° Reality Capture to support hyper growth across the organization:

1. Scouting & Acquiring New Properties

  • Document all potential locations with the team to make decisions
  • Capture existing accurate conditions to communicate with architect, contractor, engineer

2. Funding & Investor Relations of new Properties

  • Share property with investors help them visually understand the entire space and provide context with updates
  • Provide transparency to investors & increase trust

3. Design & Construction

  • Remote stakeholders have visual access without needing to travel on site
  • Contractors can generate input and pricing faster
  • Document the ‘who, what, where, and when” of daily activities on site
  • Capture the condition of the space without investing time & money on BIM
  • Share HoloBuilder with City planning & permitting to streamline approval

4. Space Management (Operations & Maintenance)

  • Easily Create Marketing Content
  • Provide a scalable solution for all locations to utilize on site
  • Create one central access point to oversee all locations
  • Ensure high quality documentation to achieve brand & safety compliance

5. Community Management

  • Touring new tenant/community member virtually as onboarding package
  • For long term stay, capture before/after to document condition of the space (wear & tear thoroughly documented)

Graham Thiel, Starcity’s Director of Project Management, uses HoloBuilder for documenting their spaces in a variety of ways. Graham utilized HoloBuilder to streamline city planning and permitting in SF and LA. “Moving a proposed project through the SF Planning and Building Department is probably the most unpredictable aspect of development in SF. Having Holobuilder on hand to instantly present an existing condition to inform the current discussion has been extremely helpful!” In LA, he referred to HoloBuilder at a plan check meeting. “Having HoloBuilder open during the meeting helped us walk the plan checker through the existing and proposed design and provided clarity resulting in a faster path to receiving our building permit.”

This list only scratches the surface of what 360° reality capture can do for the industry. If you’ve experienced additional benefits using 360° reality capturing for your spaces, we’d love to hear your thoughts! If you haven’t yet incorporated 360° photos into your projects, start a HoloBuilder trial today!