#HolochainHackathons: it all begins in Barcelona!

Arthur comienza la presentación de Holochain en Barcelona

The day begins in Barcelona, the team walks down from the place we are staying to get paper and tape for the interest mapping. Will and me, team members for Holochain are about to get into La Fede, one of the best locations for the type of Hackathons Holochain is insterested in creating: besides being at the centre of town, La Fede provides an environment ready for people to co-create in community. Just the day before, a feminist collective were gathering in the room where Holochain is now meeting. It is in the midst of this environment, where technology intersects with social and political conundrums, that we are beginning to work in community with Holochain.

In the days since the Holochain team arrived in Barcelona, there has been nothing but facilitating the space for creation to arise in Barcelona. “It is never the intention of anyone in the project to impose our interests” says Arthur Brock, co-founder, along with Eric Harris-Braun, of Holochain, “we are here to serve the needs of the community and co-create with them” At the centre of Holochain is the idea of the commons, and the call for distributive computing, which has an ethical underpinning. Holochain members call this the shift to agent-centric design, where the User has the power over their data, as well as to create the applications they want easily.

“We are here to serve the needs of the community and co-create with them

Amongst the groups during the first date, there is a strong desire for the development of ideas into working prototypes. Pepo (collectiveone.org) is trying to develop his ideas with the help of Eric, who instantly took to his project as something that could be developed on Holochain. Diverse teams assembled around the idea of the commons, and building community around problems in Catalonia, including governance, to which Ray, one of our members took to.

The team explores Barcelona

In Europe, it is natural for people to become nomads, endlessly changing locations and only stopping by for the occasional meet up. The Holochain team took a different approach, one borrowed from anthropology and different design workflows. Instead of imposing our interests on many of the attendees, we decided to work alongside their projects, in which teams with Diana, Virginia, and Jose (Pepo) brought their projects. Nis and Kasia brought their energy from Mesh into the projects of everyone

The group works on their ideas.

The biggest takeaway from the Barcelona experience was getting to know the kind of communities we will hopefully see moving forwards. As Holochain moves forward towards becoming the go-to for distributed application development, the conversation goes from complex to simple, to complex again. How to best reach these communities is at times a difficult, though rewarding, effort. In the five days at Barcelona we managed to participate in conversations that spanned the range of identity, self-governance, distributed solutions to information, and collective technologies.

Pepo’s Fractal Wiki, his solution for distributed information can be found here, while Diana’s PandoraHub is here, Virginia’s Autentika. Now the Holochain team goes on to Liechtenstein, courtesy of The HUS Institute. In the Hackathon tour, we never stop. For even from far away, we can still connect.

Arthur and Eric, co-founders of Holochain walking the streets of Barcelona.
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