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HoloVault — Personas & Profiles

How HoloVault works

  • Edit a Profile Mapping
  • Delete a Profile Mapping
  • Add a Persona
  • Edit a Persona
  • Delete a Persona


You probably have many personas across your digital life. For example, in one network of peers, you may use your Personal details, in another network your work details and in another your Friends. HoloVault puts you in control of how your information is used (displayed or stored by the app) and allows you to share the same information to many different apps.

Managing your Personas

You can add edit and delete Personas in the “HoloVault” app.


You can try out the UI on the links below. Make sure you read the Notes section.


Personas are stored in two steps. First, a Persona Spec is created. The returned Persona Address is then used to link each of the fields in the Persona. This was done so that you can add/edit/delete fields in the Persona without the Persona Address changing making it simpler to manage the Persona Field Mappings used in the Profile.

Managing your Profiles

You can add edit and delete Profiles in the “HoloVault” app.


You can try out the UI on the links below. Make sure you read the Notes section.

Profile Spec

Send a Profile Spec to “HoloVault” to enable the person using your app to manage their profile for your app.

Creating a new Profile

The following message sequence diagram shows how a person would create a new Profile. On genesis, the hApp registers a Profile Spec (shown above) where each field has a reason the hApp needs the information and whether or not the data will be stored in the RequestingApp or displayed from Vault.

export interface ProfileMapping {
retrieverDNA: string,
profileFieldName: string,
personaAddress: string,
personaFieldName: string

Future Ideas

Forensic Auditing — Attack Factory

At any time people can use HoloVault to do a forensic scan on any apps chain and DHT to give them confidence the app is managing your data as specified.

Gamification Data

Reputation & Experience and other metrics about you on different apps should also be your data and kept in HoloVault. Apps then request to result of a gamification algorithm based on your data, they don't need your data just the results. Ie the result is creating a leaderboard.

Get rewarded for your insights

The model at the moment is that everything we add to the internet via Facebook, Twitter etc is used in advertising algorithms, we are the product. It is not necessary for these data mining companies to actually own your data, what they want is the insight. With HoloVault you could run an advertisers algorithm and get paid to publish the result back to them.



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