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Taylor (@mightyalex200): A Passionate Young Holochain Developer

Community Matters 05

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About Taylor

My name is Taylor and I’m a Holochain developer. I’m currently working on a hApp called Comet. My interest in decentralized systems began at a young age; I just looked at the server-client architecture as inefficient and flawed. I was first introduced to cryptocurrency technology with Ethereum when it was new and promised a “global computer.” I was naturally drawn to it, but eventually realized that it was not going to fulfill its promises because it was too slow and expensive. That’s when I found Hashgraph and began thinking that it would solve all of the problems of Ethereum because it was faster and required no mining or work. I eventually found Holochain, which broke all of my previous assumptions about decentralized technology. It allowed fast and secure decentralized networks with no bottlenecks by asserting that consensus was not needed for decentralized networks — and the best part was that it had nothing to do with cryptocurrency, despite being in the same space as projects like Ethereum and Hashgraph. I think Holochain is the future of decentralized technology and I’m very glad to be a part of it.

#Holochain for Beginners | Episode 3 : Why are Holochain Applications Different?

HoloIsland News

Zome Explorer v0.1.0 demo and setup instructions (built by Robbie from Hylo).

Recent Event

Zurich Holochain Meetup #2


Upcoming Events

[Switzerland] Wednesday/Friday, June 5–7
Fair Hackathon programme.
Reserve your stay: https://synergiehub.ch/reserve-stay.html

What We’ve Heard: Comments and Thoughts from our Channels

Commons Engine

HOLOFANS is an all-in-one Holochain information website initiated by Leo, a member of the Chinese community, as a platform to serve his group. The site will translate and integrate all important information relating to Holo and Holochain from various sources, including community content creators, official announcements and articles, and reports published by third-party institutions.


Moritz Bierling Interview with Coin Chat

Holochain Wins Disrupter of the Year Award 2019 at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit!

Moritz Bierling accepting the aware on behalf of Holochain

Feranada’s Holo(chain) Journey: Part 1 of 2

Ferananda Ibarra, Culture Consultant at Holo and Co-Director of the Commons Engine is a visionary, social innovator, and regenerative entrepreneur. Her background in collective intelligence, integral theories, and deep wealth design inform her creativity and facilitation of systems and organizations that can address our global challenges.

One of my superpowers is harmony. I like to bring things into harmony. I mention that now, because a lot of where my focus has been, has been on the interiority of systems.

David Atkinson, Commercial Director



Holochain enables a distributed web with user autonomy built directly into its architecture and protocols. Data is about remembering our lived and shared experiences. Distributing the storage and processing of that data can change how we coordinate and interact. www.holochain.org

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