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Why CAL is Important To The End User?

The Cryptographic Autonomy License

What CAL means to you?

Last week we were finally able to announce something that we have been working on, for the past 18 months — The Cryptographic Autonomy License, in short CAL. License has been approved by the Open Source Organisation (OSI) just end of last week. This might sound like boring, technical fodder but this is exciting news for everyone — including you!

“When a Holochain app is licensed with the CAL, the benefits from the free and open use extend all the way to the users of the application.”–Mary Camacho

You might think — What does this have to do with me? I am not a developer or a company owner that has to worry about licenses. The truth is every one of us should think about what data is being collected about us, how that data is being used and how we can ensure that we stay in control of our own data. As end users, often we don’t really dig deep to find out, how is our data being used? At the same time we want to rest assured that our data is protected, and not being sold to companies like a product or misused in any malicious way.

The CAL is designed to help you keep your data protected:

● It protects the rights’ of end users of distributed and cloud-based apps: ensuring users’ ownership of their data, the ability to operate the software independently, and control of their keys.

● The CAL is a strong reciprocal (“copyleft”) license that ensures any code contributions remain open and available for ongoing use.

● It has a built-in mechanism for allowing exceptions for linked or co-compiled code, preserving a distinction between applications built on a licensed framework itself versus other connected applications.

● It applies to all uses of the software, including delivering services over a network and new implementations that copy elements of the software interfaces into new applications.

“The Cryptographic Autonomy License (the CAL) is the first open source license that addresses a fundamental shift in technology towards decentralised applications. In this new world users do not have to give their data to a centralising entity. By using a Holochain application licensed with the CAL, ownership of their own data is protected both structurally and now legally.” — Mary Camacho

To put it simply, the CAL ensures agents (people, devices) ownership and rights that are embedded in the license agreement for any given app.

Full Press Release can be found here



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