Ben Strahan
Oct 11, 2018 · 2 min read

When we founded our company, Hologram set forth with the belief that the world needs a more intuitive way to access the Internet using open protocols. Our vision continues on today, and holds true for humans as well as machines; that’s why we’ve spent the last fives years innovating in the access, data, and API layers of networks, making it easier, seamless, and more efficient to connect through various cellular networks around the world.

Today, we announce the release of an open-source and open-protocol project, called Magic, to share our experiences and begin an open conversation around access control standardization because secure, intuitive, and seamless Internet access is not just a problem for cellular networks, but for all networks.

Magic embodies the protocols and architecture necessary to build the world’s first decentralized global supernetwork. This means that the Internet can be accessed via local Wi-Fi, cellular, and even new-age networking technologies (e.g. LPWAN) without needing to create new accounts or exchange credentials. With security and privacy inherently built in. Magic addresses fundamental trust-based problems that exist in networks today and creates a trustless decentralized network of networks, which is (by design) safe from bad actors and safe for all users.

Hologram is excited about the world that Magic creates for two reasons: for one, we believe that the Internet of the future will be mobile-first, everywhere, and Just Works(TM), without the need for manual human configuration or interaction; for two, Magic leverages Hologram’s experience building global networks to fix major challenges and inefficiencies encountered by ISPs and network operators today, enabling interoperability, collaboration on network rollouts, and lower backend operating costs. Hologram will be among the first providers of connectivity on the Magic network. We look forward to not only continuing to provide our services in the current Internet but also providing services for a better future Internet we hope Magic will bring.

Do you want to experience the Internet from the future? Head on over to and follow along with us.

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Stories from the Hologram team on all things IoT connectivity

Ben Strahan

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Stories from the Hologram team on all things IoT connectivity

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