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Introducing the New Hologram Dashboard

As expected, a lot of attention goes into launching a new fleet of devices into the field, but from there, the hours, weeks, months, and years of device management that follow are what determine success. Ensuring each team in an organization has access to the right tools and information makes a difference in day to day operations and when issues arise.

From the start, Hologram has focused on helping teams of all sizes manage successful cellular deployments at scale and is honored to have been part of some of the fastest growing products used by millions each day.

One of these efforts was the recent launch of our Preflight capability. Preflight decreases the time and coordination required between operations and manufacturing teams deploying new cellular IoT devices. Since its launch two months ago, Preflight has been used to onboard hundreds of thousands of devices in numerous deployments spanning the globe.

And today we’re happy to announce another step in improving operations for teams at scale through the release of the new Hologram Dashboard v4.

The new Hologram dashboard has been completely refreshed and is designed around every collaborator within an organization: from developers, product, operations, success, to finance. The new visual experience is focused on helping every team member answer questions about the health of their fleet in seconds.

Quintin Carlson, VP of Design

A new experience for the whole team

Managing cellular IoT connectivity is a team effort, and the software experience should be intuitive for each member of the team. However, connectivity and device management tools often require extensive training and a dedicated in-house team member who owns interactions with the platform.

When designing the new Hologram Dashboard we focused on how connectivity plays a role in each team member’s day-to-day responsibilities. This way, each person from product through to finance can easily navigate to the information they need most. With Hologram, the Dashboard becomes an added resource whole teams can leverage rather than a single subject matter expert.

Hologram Tip: The team Collaborators feature allows admins to add users with different permissions levels and views.

Collaborative device analytics and diagnostics

When managing deployments in different parts of the globe, understanding fleet health or individual device behavior can be confusing and tedious. It is a trying experience to search through confusing interfaces, exporting raw data, and sifting through data sets in external desktop tools. As expected, connectivity diagnostics and reports quickly become underutilized, ignored, or inaccessible across an organization.

The new Hologram Dashboard has reimagined the device diagnostic view for clear and actionable connectivity performance as well as fleet level usage and connectivity reporting for managing data and billing. With a new visual experience throughout, insights can be shared across the organization to diagnose and understand device connectivity.

Hologram Tip: Each page in the Hologram Dashboard has a unique URL for that specific view, filtering, and time window so you can share the URL to others in the organization or bookmark common views.

Ways to use the new Hologram Dashboard with your team

We’re excited to see the value the new dashboard brings to teams. Here are a few ways different team functions can use the Hologram Dashboard:

  • Product and engineering: Get your devices connected immediately and see live connectivity data on the dashboard to validate your connectivity hardware
  • Customer Success: Group devices based on meaningful attributes such as region or customer to proactively monitor connectivity usage patterns
  • Operations: Test device connectivity at your contract manufacturer and let Hologram’s Preflight workflows automatically activate devices to rapidly scale your deployments
  • Finance: Export device usage and billing reports to better forecast future usage and connectivity budget for your organization

Starting today, all existing and new Hologram customers can optionally choose to upgrade to the new Hologram Dashboard v4. On July 15th the new Dashboard v4 will become standard for all customers.

We can’t wait for you to try it out and see how it helps your IoT team better connect and scale with Hologram.

Learn more about the Hologram Dashboard →

Originally published at https://hologram.io on June 17, 2019.




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