Lookin’ Stellar

Introducing Hologram’s new Stellar Design System

Quintin Carlson
Jun 21, 2019 · 4 min read

Since day one, the Hologram team has been focused on simplifying cellular service for IoT devices. Today, I’m really excited to show you the next version of Hologram Dashboard which makes it even easier to manage a connected fleet. As part of these updates, we’re launching our design system, which we’ve named Stellar.

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Starting with the Platform

  • Simplified coverage and billing so it’s one price across 196 countries
  • Automatic carrier switching with multiple local carriers in each country for redundant coverage
  • A single SIM card that can be upgraded as our network improves, as we did with the launch of CAT-M service in the United States
  • Ability to get started instantly, with no contracts, fees, or legal loopholes
  • Preflight workflow tools to make scaling up your deployment stress-free

Now we’re excited to turn our attention back to the Hologram Dashboard interface. This week we launched new tools for your IoT deployments as well as a whole new look and feel. Here’s some insight into how we made these decisions and how we think it will make building and managing your fleet even easier.

Designed for Your Whole Team

From this, we centered the new Hologram Dashboard around capabilities not just for your engineers, but also your operations, support, finance, and business teammates.

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For operations teams, our new Preflight technology automates your deployment workflows. Allowing for live data testing on the ground at your manufacturer — even if they’re on the other side of the globe-makes building an IoT product significantly easier. When your product arrives at its final destination, Preflight will automatically activate the SIM with the correct data plan and custom parameters.

For finance and accounting managers, we have new detailed usage reporting and billing areas. You can easily find devices that aren’t behaving normally and then investigate further with our new data exporting tools.

New Visual Design

The Stellar Design System also represents a tighter integration between the design and engineering teams. This alignment and collaborative work have allowed us to craft the best possible experience for our users while building reusable components that make expanding Hologram’s product vision easier.

Stellar Patterns

Consistent Reporting Flows

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A Jumping Off Point

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Data Panels

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What’s in a Name

Stage 1 Complete

For more updates and a behind the scenes look at our process, follow the Hologram design team on Dribbble.

Originally published at https://hologram.io on June 21, 2019.


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