One Pose a Day :: Part 5 :: Apanasana

Are you in need of grounding, calming, settling? Come in…enjoy yourself here…

Photo by Johnny McClung on Unsplash

The best word to use, for right now, to explain the movement and benefit of Apanasana is…GROUNDING.

This yoga pose is so incredibly nourishing and grounding and gentle. The movement of Apanasana is so simple that one might think there can be no benefit found in it at all.

A Mother’s Musings on supporting the foundations of Home…in Body and Spirit :: by Michelle Crider, Founder of Elk Mountain Wellness, LLC

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Michelle Crider

Michelle Crider

Author of Fear and Musings…A mama, poet and yoga teacher (RYT500), Michelle offers online and in-person movement and meditation programs.

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