5 Things Your Interior Designer Doesn’t Want You to Know

Interior decorators can be a great resource when it comes to taking ideas and putting them into motion in your home. However, interior design is also a business and there are definitely some tricks to the trade.

Here are 5 things we thought you should know before opening your door to the professionals:

#1 Professionals Have Connections

Interior designers have their professional networks too. You will want to hire someone who has wide connection and can greater discount by using their resources than those who are new to the market.

“Make sure you ask who your interior designer knows for specific products such as flooring or countertops. These features are pricey, but could be reduced with the right connections.”

#2 Discuss Budget First

You might assume that your interior designer will help you save money, while the truth is it is usually not the case. Your home project is their portfolio, so of course they will choose the best quality materials and this will potentially increase your bill.

It is better to discuss your budget limit in the very beginning, and agree on how far you can go if needed.

#3 Better Quality But Cheaper?

It seems impossible to ask for better quality but cheaper price. In fact, you can hire interior design students will often take on projects for school credit and could offer up quality services for half the cost.

It is unavoidable to find spend some time to search and talk to different designers. Make sure you check out their work and create clear lines of communication, so that both sides can reach the same goal.

#4 Don’t Be Afraid To Say No

Yeah… it is quite hard to say you no to something they’ve done. Remember, it your house, and you and the designer work on the project TOGETHER. Don’t hesitate to state your opinion, because it is ultimately your home not theirs.

#5 Your Home Might Not Be Their Priority

They must have a long list of clients and someone else is more prestigious than you, while they tell you your project is a top priority. Make sure that you are also an important client for them and you value their work and opinion so they will also take your project seriously.

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