Premium Lawn Suggestion: Bentgrass

Bentgrass is a variants of lawn that is commonly used on lawn bowls surfaces and golf course greens. Bentgrass is also known for its plant name Argrostis and comes in many different varieties Creeping Bent, Common Bent and Velvet Bent . All variants are commonly referred to as bent grass as the root of the grass is bent and can grow almost on the top of the surface not penetrating deep into the dirt.

The reason that bent grass is used, is because of its fine blade of grass and its ability for being high wearing. This means that it is versatile to support a lot of people walking over it.

Another advantage of bent grass is that it can be mowed very short. This type of grass requires a lot of maintenance which is why it is not very common with home lawns. However, it is commercially available for people who take pride in their lawns. Bent grass doesn't require a lot of water so this factor might be considered when selecting this type of lawn.

Growing bent grass from scratch can require many hours, but luckily it can be purchased in rolls which can be laid out to ready made lawn.

So what type of people may choose Bentgrass?

Sporting organizations e.g. golf courses, lawn bowls greens
Retirees. People who are out of the workforce and have the time to care for their lawns
People who play Bocce. This recreation game is similar to lawn bowls and played in the yards of people homes.
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