So… Why Should I Homeschool?

Just as there are many approaches to homeschooling, so there are many reasons why people choose homeschooling.

The short answer, there is no short answer. ;) I know, cheap shot. But our reasons are many faceted.

A Tailored Education for Our Kids

A huge reason we homeschool is so we can tailor our children’s education to meet their needs. We can try new or old things, and if something doesn’t resonate, well, we can try something else. We’ve got a rhythm going now with our go-to curriculums, but who’s to say it won’t need to change again someday? If it does, we can! With this in mind, we can offer our kids a higher quality education. No one knows them and their needs like we do, and we love the freedom we have to make educational choices for them. As they get older too, they get to play a larger role in choosing a focus.

Family Values Taught by Family

We also homeschool so we can instill our family values into our children. Love and respect for all life; how our faith really plays a role in all areas, academic and otherwise.

For the Fun of Learning

Best of all, it’s really fun! I am reminded of all the things I learned (and forgot). I get to discover new books. I learn stuff all the time homescholing! Really cool facts! I love that! And nothing beats seeing that spark of understanding go off in your own children’s eyes!

Wise friends who have gone this path before me have told me that the beauty of homeschooling, the treasure we hide in our hearts, is we can look back with no regrets in how we used our parenting years. Will we make mistakes? Of course! But we will have spent so much time pouring into our children. It’s a rare and special gift to be able spend so much time with one’s children these days.