September 20, 2019 Home Sweet Home Community Newsletter

Jenny Justice
Sep 20 · 4 min read
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Hello Home Sweet Home writers, readers, followers and friends!

Let me first apologize for missing a week of getting our little newsletter prepared last week. I like to keep you all up to date with what is happening with our wonderful, unique, reader and writer supported family publication.

However, last week I had to deal with some not so wonderful family things involving people breaking court order, not knowing where my daughter was, and being an overall ball of worry and rage over the fact that for some of us, parenting is made unnecessarily hard. How so? For me, for some, one way to make parenting almost impossible is by having to legally share a child with someone who might not have the best interests of the child at heart, and who might be extremely confrontational and aggressive.

So, now that I have shared that piece, onto some of your pieces, maybe happier ones? I know that all in all, things with parenting, with children, with love, will work out.

We make peace, we give peace, we seek peace for our children, and we carve out spaces where they can grow safely, even amidst moments of chaos and upheaval. Parents who love, love hard, and love in ways that put their needs, rages, feelings, worries, on the back burner so that we can do what is best and right for our kids — give them the chances maybe we never got to have, give them the focus and love maybe we never got to have, or for the lucky ones, try to give them what we had as children and pass down beautiful traditions of love.

Hint: I am one of the ones who struggled, who did not have, who had to build from scratch. As many of you might know — for a while, because it is strong — dysfunction tends to cling and follow until we gently take it by the hand and tell it that it is no longer welcome in this home, this family, this life now.

Home Sweet Home is about sharing the realities of parenting, of families, of home and about reaching out to each other as readers, writers, parents, and members of families in the spirit of connection, learning, positive personal growth. It is also about working on ways to change the world for our kids and kids in general.

How do we do this? By sharing our stories. By sharing our honesty. By sharing things we think are interesting and important about our lives, about parenting, about our households, our pets, about schools. And we do this by being here together — coming home to read.

Photo by Vincent Delegge on Unsplash

This week we have been honored to be the home for a piece by our very own, the woman who needs no introduction because she is prolific, kind, brilliant and amazing Jun Wu:

And now, the “in case you missed it” list of things published in Home Sweet Home, recently by Shelly McIntosh, Darcy Reeder, Tara Blair Ball, Cheney Meaghan, Meaghan Ward, Victor Wisdom, Bebe Nicholson. Thank you writers and readers — enjoy!

Thanks for all of the great writing, the great reading and supporting, the commenting, highlighting, sharing, and the growing of this publication and community. Spread the word and be heard:

Until next time,

Jenny Justice

Home Sweet Home

Parenting Publication dedicated to parents of all types and families of all types to share their experiences.

Jenny Justice

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A Poet Mom who brings Poetry to life in ways that spark empathy, connection, joy, justice, and feeling. Sociologist. Adjunct. Writer. Poetry Fangirl ❤

Home Sweet Home

Parenting Publication dedicated to parents of all types and families of all types to share their experiences.

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