How to run Marlin on the Cohesion 3d Remix

Mark Zachmann
Jan 22 · 2 min read

Smoothieware just wouldn’t do what I needed (dual Y axis motors) so I decided to use Marlin instead. I really like the (no-longer-available) Cohesion 3d Remix though, so here’s a short writeup on how to switch it to Marlin.

Cohesion 3d Remix

The Marlin folks have been working on 32 bit version 2 for a while and the beta seems to work pretty well with the Remix, including ability to have Wifi terminal support.


  • Get the Marlin repository
  • Update a few files
  • Build and upload

Get the Marlin Repository

Clone the github repository to somewhere.

git clone

Enter the folder (Marlin?) and checkout the 2.0 branch

git checkout bugfix-2.0.x

Update a Few Files

In the platformio.ini file change env_default to LPC1769.

In the configuration.h file:

  • change SERIAL_PORT to -1 and uncomment SERIAL_PORT_2 and set it to 0. This enables the wireless and the USB serial ports.
  • change BAUDRATE to 115200

Build and Upload

I followed the directions carefully and installed the PlatformIO extension into Visual Studio Code. I only enabled it for the specific Marlin folder. Once installed it easily built and uploaded the file to the Cohesion3d.

If you don’t have a USB connection to the board you can find the firmware.bin file in the .pioenvs\LPC1769 folder and just copy it to the SD card in the Remix.

Wireless Support

By enabling the first (or second?) serial port in configuration.h the wireless works like it did with Smoothieware and connects well to Marlin.

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Home Wireless

Home automation in the wireless IOT era

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