Particle Mesh Photos

I’ve been using Particle boards for years for home automation and other simple tasks. In February they announced a shift to a line they call ‘Particle Mesh’ that comes in the Adafruit Feather pin arrangement.

That makes them optimal for a project I’m working on. In any case I finally had my pre-order arrive with chips and since Particle has been coy about photos here are high resolution photos of all three boards top and bottom.

My first look: these are very well made. Chips are uniformly placed, solder looks consistently good. Radio stuff is well shielded. Thumbs up.

Particle Xenon

The simplest of the crew, this is Bluetooth-only mesh. Interestingly this board uses what seem to be castellated pin-holes and has nothing on the bottom but a U.Fl connector so it could theoretically be surface-mounted.

Xenon Top
Xenon Bottom

Particle Argon

The Argon is Wifi and Bluetooth.

Argon Top
Argon Bottom

Particle Boron

The Boron support Bluetooth and LTE M1 (and possibly other cell protocols).

Boron Top
Boron Bottom