Reading Analog Data in Zephyr with a nrf52840

Mark Zachmann
Oct 28, 2019 · 1 min read

It turned out to be much harder to read the ADC in Zephyr than I expected. As usual the documentation is slim and the syntax was a little strange partly because of the way the nordic nrf52 devices do analog input.

What’s key to know is that there’s one ADC (run as a nrf,saadc — successive approximation ADC) and it has 8 channels, corresponding to the 8 possible analog input pins (AIN0…AIN7). To do an analog read you specify which analog channel to use (out of the 8) and that defines which physical pin is used.

I added the following to prj.conf in the project to enable the adc sections during compiles,


and, i enabled it on the board by adding this to myboard.dtsi:

&adc { /* ADC */
status = "okay";

Which enables the adc module.

Source Code

Working C code is below

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Home Wireless

Home automation in the wireless IOT era

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