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SpindleView CNC Camera Software

Spindle Cameras Part III

SpindleView screen capture


Summarize what it does

How to Run It


  1. Place all of the SpindleView files in any folder (there are about 7; some have long strange names). I use C:\Git\spindle-view in Windows.
  2. Find Npm (node.js installer) at Download | Node.js (nodejs.org) and install it.
  3. Then install the node.js application http-server in the global namespace by, in a command prompt:
npm install -g http-server




A demo of SpindleView


  • Reticles — this is an overlay on the image with a target and a ruler of some sort.
  • Zoom — zoom in or out on the image
  • Measurement mode, such Machine or Workspace or Distance.


  • Move the head to center the camera on the clicked spot.
  • Center the spindle at the camera center spot, as if to drill there.
  • Based on the height of stock move the camera for best focus and distance measurements highest accuracy.



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