Surface Mount on the Cheap

Mark Zachmann
Apr 26, 2019 · 1 min read

Here’s a summary of how I build a surface mount board using all home-built equipment.

The Pick and Place Machine

I recently made four of the same board and they just ‘popped right out’. Here’s a clip of part of a production run ->

The next video shows creating one board (painfully) with slightly older software and much less experience.

Other pieces of the puzzle are in other posts in this publication. It’s time to summarize since everything is working.

Building the reflow oven.

The Pick and Place Machine.

As you can tell from the magnified image, the end result board is stunning. My solder paste job was so-so, but the parts were placed almost perfectly and the solder-cooking looks spot-on.

So, for less than $1,000 in parts I have built CNC equipment that can build surface mount boards with all sorts of SMD components. Very cool.

Home Wireless

Home automation in the wireless IOT era

Mark Zachmann

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Entrepreneur, software architect, electrical engineer. Ex-academic.

Home Wireless

Home automation in the wireless IOT era

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