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Testing and Reviewing LoRa Antennas

Part 2: Detailed antenna measurements

The antennas being discussed
The Yagi (beam) antenna

FrSky 900MHz Moxon Zipp 9

The FrSky Zipp9
The FrSky Moxon Zipp 9
FrSky 900MHz Moxon Zipp 9 Radiation Pattern

FrSky 900MHz Super 8 Antenna

FrSky Super8 Antenna
FrSky Super8 Vswr and Return Loss

Linx 916-HW

Linx 915HW 5" center fed dipole

Linx 916RH

Linx 916RH (2" tall)
Linx 916RH Helical quarter-wave whip

Molex Flexible 102562

Molex 105262 Flexible Dipole
The Molex Impedance Test Setup

Linx Monopole LTE

Linx LTE Monopole
Monopole Impedance/Return Loss

870–960 MHz Whip

Siretta Echo1A

Siretta Echo1A Impedance chart

Phonetone 7/9dbi Outdoor Directional Yagi

Phonetone Outdoor Yagi

915MHz whip

915MHz Whip — A
915MHz Whip — B



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