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The Arylic Audio Pro 50+

The Arylic Up2stream S50 Pro+ is a high-def high-feature version of a Chromecast Audio (discontinued a few years ago). Since we now spend so much time at home this seemed like a nice audio upgrade to my Chromecast.

As expected, it’s a bit rough around the edges so I’ve started this short how to get it working discussion.

Half of the value of the S50 vs a standard Bluetooth receiver is that they can stream Spotify/svc of choice independently. That requires a WiFi or ethernet connection, but for WiFi there’s no option to connect a WiFi network — it’s been forgotten or it’s so hidden in the gui that it may as well be.

The S50 supports an HTTP rest api so… you can do this via the API — that is by typing commands into the address bar of your web browser and looking at the results text.

  1. Connect the S50 via Ethernet to your network. This is only temporary but works well with 4Stream. If necessary do it the other way by connecting to the S50 WiFi AP.
  2. Use the 4Stream application to see the ethernet IP Address of the device. Call it d.m.y.d
  3. Browse to a hex converter like this.

Hex convert the SSID of the WiFi you want to connect to and run the GET request below and find the SSID in this json result. For example of the SSID is Table (hex 54 61 62 6C 65) we see…

URL:    d.m.y.d/httpapi.asp?command=wlanGetApListEx

Example Result: {"res":"2","aplist":[{"ssid":"5461626C65","bssid":"04:42:1a:a6:91:00","rssi":"100","channel":"3","auth":"WPA2PSK","encry":"AES","extch":"1"},...]}

Convert that into a connect request using much of the result data but add in your hex conversion of the password

URL:      d.m.y.d/httpapi.asp?command=wlanConnectApEx:ssid=<HEX-ssid>:ch=3:auth=WPA2PSK:encry=AES:pwd=<HEX-pwd>:chext=1

Check that this worked by sending wlanGetConnectState, which should result in PROCESS and then after some time as OK.

URL:     d.m.y.d/httpapi.asp?command=wlanGetConnectState



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